Bare Feet and Bicycles

I remember the time
When I was your best girl.
We ran barefoot all day long;
Our laughter echoed on the wind
As you helped me fly my kite.
We rode our bikes down hills,
And I threw my head back to feel the wind
Caress my face and the sun warm my nose.
I was happy then,
But when I sometimes cried,
You put your arm around me
And looked into my eyes,
And asked me what was wrong.
You and life were good to me.
Then she came.
With soft black hair and big blue eyes,
She stole my world of sunshine,
Bikes, and kites away from me forever.
Now you wear shoes all the time,
You laugh with her,
And you say it’s time I grew up too.
I cry, but you don’t even see.
And you tell me that you’ve no time
For little sisters anymore.


God made:
and grass
and sky for:
tumble down
giant stride
sheer abandon, and
friends for:
hand in hand in hand.