One of 10,000

It was really neat to see an article on Jack and Kit Regas in the October New Era. (“Showtime ’76”). I only wish that they had also received more credit for the Southern California Bicentennial Fest. I was one of the almost 10,000 youth who participated in it, and I know how much work and time it takes. I would personally like to thank them and all the other leaders for giving us all one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.

Joelyn Rowan
Barstow, California

Not just those we like

I was really impressed with the story “The Least of These, My Brother” in the November issue. This really brought home to me the Savior’s message that we should love everyone, not just those we like. I’ve grown to love the New Era for the articles it publishes for us, the youth. I love the gospel and hope I can be an influence that will bring someone into the Church.

Marianne Sorensen
Wells, Nevada

Comparatively speaking

I am writing to inform you of the pleasure I get from reading the New Era. I have compared it with other magazines, and I find it to be the most satisfying and uplifting I have ever read. I have never found any part of it contrary to my beliefs.

Mark L. Williams
Provo, Utah

Their way of life

Thank you for the April New Era. The photos are very special. I am always fond of seeing pictures from other countries. The articles about missionary work and the Message are very inspiring. I also liked the story “The Flowers of Early Summer,” but I am most excited about Chris and Tom Osmond’s article. I admire the Osmond family very much because it was through their music and their way of life (which I got to know from magazine articles) that I developed my interest in the Church. I have not had a chance to express my thanks to them personally, but I would like to do so through this letter.

I am also thankful for my American penpal Caryn Washburn, who had a great influence on me. We are still good friends, and the Church has helped us to feel closer to each other.

I am very thankful for my testimony. I love being active in the Church. I have been Sunday School secretary for four months, and I know that the Lord helps us whenever we try to serve him well. I know that the Lord lives. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he has died for the sins of every one of us.

Gabriele Kegel-Wannagut
Frankfurt, Germany

A happy, lively crowd

Thank you for the New Era! My LDS friend often brought it to school, and although I had strong religious convictions different from hers, it’s spiritual quality, coupled with its clean humor, impressed me deeply. I am now being taught by two marvelous missionaries, and although I am experiencing difficulty at home, I eventually hope to be baptized. The youth in Burnley are a happy and lively crowd, and their strong testimonies build up my own.

Caroline M. Brammer
Burnley, Lancaster, England

Foot power

I must respectfully disagree with a statement in the article “Mission Field Inside the Grand Canyon” by Cal Decker in the May New Era. The article states on page 31: “Mules and horses are valued in Supai because they carry in tourists, groceries, feed, and even the U.S. mail. The only other way into the 500-acre Havasupai Reservation is by helicopter.” In the summer of 1972 I hiked down the Supai trail with a group of LDS students. In Supai we had an inspiring testimony meeting and short Sunday School with the missionaries living in Supai. The hike down to Supai was pleasant, but the upward climb was breathtaking (physically as well as figuratively). The trip was an experience of a lifetime, and I will never forget the simple, humble faith of the Supai Indians. I found the article in the New Era to be well-written and thought-provoking.

David B. Cripps
Provo, Utah

Friendly fanatic

Thank you for the beautiful articles we can read in the New Era. As a 17-year-old girl I find these magazines very inspiring and uplifting. I often find the New Era to be a source of comfort. I love the poetry especially, because I am a fanatic on poems. Lots of love to all the Saints.

Anna-Lee Shaw
Carletonville, South Africa


I just received my May New Era, and as I was reading the comments in Feedback, I realized that I am not alone in having the “New Era habit.” In fact, I appreciate every article in it so much that I, at 78 years of age, have no desire to break the habit. It strengthens my testimony to read the articles in the New Era. They inspire God’s children of all ages to keep his commandments. I especially enjoyed “At Any Cost, Keep the Commandments” by Elder Gene R. Cook. That is a beautiful example.

Stella Armstrong
Grants Pass, Oregon

The height of happiness

I am 11 and in the sixth grade. In the May issue of the New Era I read a story about a girl who was over six feet tall. I am pretty tall for my age, but not that tall. Sometimes people call me names too, like “toothpick” and “too tall,” but I have never really cared. But after I read that story, I am happy that I am tall!

Pam Davis
Ogden, Utah

A long way from home

I am a long way from home, and often I am homesick. The New Era helps me a lot. I liked the article “Planting Seeds” in the March New Era. The New Era has helped me live the gospel more fully.

Michael Ingram
Provo, Utah

After all. …

Everyone is a child of God! This means that in the eyes of our Heavenly Father we are all equal and that he loves us all the same. It took me quite a while to realize this. I felt sorry for myself because I wasn’t the prettiest girl in school, or because I didn’t have a date for every Friday night, or some silly reason like that. I knew it was wrong for me to feel that way, but I couldn’t help it. I just felt depressed.

Then I read “Our Family Motto” by Tom Osmond in the April New Era, and it really made me think. I was being greedy and very selfish wanting such useless things when I could have much higher goals and ambitions to work for. (In the 13th Article of Faith it says, “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” Isn’t it worth it to work now in order to be rewarded later?) Tom is deaf, and he has accomplished so many things by having such a positive attitude. A person’s handicap is not what matters. What matters is how he applies himself and goes after his dreams. If you have self-confidence and a positive attitude, you’ll go so much further!

Now, I still look the same, and I’m not going out every single night, but I’m more pleased with myself. I’m not completely satisfied yet—I never will be! But I feel that I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles (self-pity, lack of confidence) that were in the way. We can do anything we want to if we go after it, knowing that we’ll accomplish it by doing our best. After all, we’re children of God.

Gayle Hayes
Pasadena, Texas


I am the only member in Skadaverdi, Iceland, and I would like to express my thanks to the New Era for all the help it has given me, both in my personal growth and in my missionary work. Many Church works have been translated into our language, but nothing has been as successful as lending my friends the New Era. By the time everyone reads it, it is almost ready to fall apart. Thank you for a super magazine. As we say in Icelandic, it is just pakalegt—in other words, it’s great!

Illugi Arassmundson
Skadaverdi, Iceland

Peanut butter, jelly, the New Era, and a hilarious rehearsal

The April New Era came on a really busy day and helped me unwind while eating my peanut butter and jelly. I read the whole thing from cover to cover and felt so relaxed! The great thing was, I still had time to do my chores and homework. The next day at school we had a substitute in my music class. He told us about how he faked through college on his instrument because the guy who sat next to him was majoring in the same instrument. I thought of “Faking It and the Fourth French Horn” and really had a hard time trying not to laugh in the middle of the rehearsal. I loved “The Flowers of Early Summer.” The Feedback section, which I always read first, gave me quite a spiritual lift.

Beth Stapley
Yuba City, California