Winners: The 1977 New Era Writing, Art, Photography, and Music Contest

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Giant spiders in danger of their lives, lonely dolls and little girls, the Ten-speed Cowboy and the Massachusetts Kid—what super surprises came to us in the 1977 New Era Writing, Art, Photography, and Music Contest! And here in the August issue we share some of them with you.

These are not all of the winners, but they do represent the fine quality of work submitted for each category. Throughout the year you will be seeing the work of other contest winners as it is used to complement articles, stories, songs, and illustrations in the New Era magazine.

Especially noteworthy in this year’s contest were the great number of young (12- to 16-year-old) writers whose work was of such high quality that it made it to the semifinals and the finals. A special note of congratulations and encouragement is sent to Terri Drake, 12; Laura L. McWhirter, 13; Terry Beane, 16; Linda Quon, 15; Amy Minnoch, 12; Scott Simpson, 16; Tami Lynn Crockett, 16; Sandy Schempp, 13; Alveda Polyak, 16; Becky Barker, 15; Tracy Hunt, 15; Jerilyn Hanson, 14; Lisa Marostica, 14; and Peter B. Ball, 16.

Top Winners

Brady R. Allred, Music Memphis, Tennessee

Peter B. Ball, Poetry Dublin, Ireland BYU Scholarship

Evan Belnap, Photography Iona, Idaho

Marc A. Bolton, Nonfiction Conda, Idaho Ricks Scholarship

Pat D. Buckner, Poetry Provo, Utah BYU Scholarship

Kenneth A. Croft, Photography Salt Lake City, Utah

John G. Dockum, Poetry Lincoln, Nebraska

Hank W. Edrington, Fiction Grace, Idaho Ricks Scholarship

Josephine England, Fiction Kaysville, Utah

Catherine Hardy, Music Salt Lake City, Utah

Diane Hauserman, Art Hunter, Utah BYU Scholarship

Sally Hunter, Poetry Rigby, Idaho Ricks Scholarship

Tom Jay, Photography Farmington, New Mexico Ricks Scholarship

Lisa Marostica, Nonfiction Collinsville, Connecticut

Kevin Merrill, Nonfiction Boise, Idaho

Larry E. Morris, Fiction Provo, Utah

Kjirstin Rasmussen, Photography Walnut Creek, California

Boyd M. Reschke, Photography Salt Lake City, Utah

Laird Roberts, Photography Anabella, Utah BYU Scholarship

Bruce Rytting, Photography Salt Lake City, Utah

Jay Sumsion, Photography Richland, Washington Ricks Scholarship

Heidi Waldrop, Nonfiction Grand Junction, Colorado BYU Scholarship

Lee Wooley, Photography Ft. Collins, Colorado

David Zabriskie, Music Provo, Utah BYU Scholarship

Cash Awards

Alan G. Baker, Nonfiction Brisbane, Australia

Claudia Brackett, Photography Weymouth, Massachusetts

Jeffrey J. Clark, Photography West Linn, Oregon

LeRoy Chambers, Photography Bountiful, Utah

Ann Marie Christensen, Photography Logan, Utah

Stan Clegg, Photography Provo, Utah

Jennifer Cowan, Fiction Roy, Utah

Lynn Dalton, Photography Sunnyvale, California

George Danielson, Photography Idaho Falls, Idaho

Yvonne Dobson, Photography Salt Lake City, Utah

Terri Drake, Poetry Sheppard A.F.B., Texas

Gay Lynn Grimes, Poetry Carmichael, California

Eric Groeger, Photography San Diego, California

Dwayne Hawryluk, Photography Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hyrum B. Hiatt, Art Canoga Park, California

Claudia Hill, Nonfiction Orem, Utah

Mike Jensen, Photography Rancho Cordova, California

Amanda L. Jones, Nonfiction London, England

Laura L. McWhirter, Poetry St. Joseph, Missouri

Colette Mitchell, Poetry Spanish Fork, Utah

Steven Moosman, Photography Bountiful, Utah

Craig Moyer, Photography Fairport, New York

Jack R. Nichols, Photography Mesa, Arizona

Cindy Ostler, Poetry Salt Lake City, Utah

Alyson Peck, Photography Portland, Oregon

Steven L. Peck, Photography Schweinfurt, Germany

Alveda Polyak, Poetry Joliet, Illinois

Leslie Ward Powrie, Photography Florida Park, Republic of South Africa

Robert Richardson, Photography Universal City, Texas

Collette Ricks, Poetry Ucon, Idaho

Melissa Robinson, Poetry Indianapolis, Indiana

Denise Saldivar, Fiction Concord, California

Kathi Santori, Photography Farmington Hills, Michigan

Scott Simpson, Poetry Seaford, Virginia

Vernal R. Willis, Photography Taylor, Arizona

Tri Wright, Photography Salt Lake City, Utah

Lyle Wakefield Provo, Utah

[photos] Allred; Ball; Belnap; Bolton; Buckner; Croft; Dockum; Edrington; England; Hardy; Hauserman; Hunter; Jay; Marostica; Merrill; Morris; Rasmussen; Reschke; Roberts; Rytting; Sumsion; Waldrop; Wooley; Zabriskie