Not seeing,
Faces, people,
Things going by.
One of those
Faces was yours.


Sometimes late at night
Or on a crowded street,
I wonder who you are
And when and where we’ll meet.
Will I know at once
From eyes that once held mine?
Will there be a faint hello
From some forgotten time?
Or will your smile be new to me
No different from the rest?
Maybe we’re already friends,
And time will do the rest.
I only know I’m lonely
From playing this old role—
Like a song that’s left unfinished,
I’m half, and not a whole.

Sugar ’n Spice and Childhood’s Price

A child’s life—
Filled with
And mudpies,
Jumping jacks
And crayons—
Seems so simple.
At times I long
To fingerpaint
Way past my elbows
(Who cares if my
Hair is green?)
And swing
Until forever
With a ladybug
In hand.
And then
I remember
Miss Horowitz
And division;
Scraped knees
And spinning wheels
Of dented bikes;
My unrequited,
Well-known crush
On “Skinny” Smith;
Those weigh-and-
Measure days—
In front of boys!
I’m glad
to be
in high school.