The Plowman in Silence

by Darrell J. Wyatt

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    The plowman, in silence following his plow,

    listens to the bright blade turn the spring-soft earth.

    The oxen groan.

    Taut reins sing in the breeze.

    At the sharp cry of a jay he turns toward the grove

    to see a boy, walking slowly

    as if burdened by heavy questions,

    disappear among the trees, being enfolded in gentle green.

    Not hearing the whispered prayer,

    the gentle introduction, and seeing nothing brighter than the sun,

    he thinks the day not unlike another.

    (Three more acres to plow and the morning wears on.)

    At dusk,

    driving the oxen home,

    he listens to the barking of a dog,

    not hearing the rejoicing of the heavens,

    the singing of the stars.