In Tune:

Praise Triumphant

Carol Ann Hendricks and Brady R. Allred

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    1. With songs of triumph, songs of praise

    To thee dear Lord our anthems raise

    To celebrate the coming of

    Thy Son who came and left us love.

    2. For death came unto man to fill

    A plan the great Creator built.

    Or else man should by reason fall

    No more to rise at heaven’s call.

    3. For on the resurrection day

    We’ll come to thee and there we’ll stay.

    Again to walk the paths we knew

    Before we came to earthly view.

    4. Again, again we’ll sing the song

    For one who came and left us love.

    We’ll sing the song in one accord

    With praise triumphant to thee, Lord.


    Calligraphy by Warren Luch