Tears and a lump

If I can get around this lump in my throat and see through the tears in my eyes, I’d like to thank Rhoda H. Hampton, Edwin Adamson, and Nancy Adamson French for their truly heartwarming stories, “The Contaminated Chocolates” and “Shirt Tales,” in the December New Era. Both were moving and inspiring. I’d also like to thank the New Era for the great Jack Weyland stories that pop up occasionally. I’ve enjoyed them ever since Brother Weyland’s first story appeared several years ago. The New Era really helps to keep me going as I share the gospel with my brothers and sisters here in the Lord’s vineyard.

Sister Lori Anne Baker
Washington D.C. Mission

Rich twins

I chuckled as I read “The Last of the Big-Time Spenders” in a borrowed New Era. At first I thought it was going to be a corny BYU romance story, but when I got to the part where Kevin and Janet argue after leaving his former companion’s home, I knew it was something more than that.

Somehow the Lord blesses you when you obey his commandments. I have a testimony of not postponing having children, even for school. While my husband was still a student, we had twins, a “surprise package.” We were expecting one but got two. We’re a “family without money,” not a “poor family.”

Gloria Grabert
Provo, Utah

The happy box

As a member of the U.S. Air Force, I look forward to seeing the New Era in my P.O. box. It brings me joy and happiness to read what Church leaders and youth have to say. The great stories and events of the Church uplift me as I try to spread the gospel.

Airman Mark A. Singleton
Sheppard AFB, Texas

For two years

For two years now the New Era has come every month to my home, but I have never picked it up when I’ve seen it lying on the family room table. My friends talk about the good articles in the New Era while I usually just sit there listening. So today I decided to read a few pages. I read it from cover to cover. I have always enjoyed uplifting stories and hearing other people’s experiences and testimonies. Two stories in the January-February issue, “Rugged Iuary issue, “Rugged Is the Road to Rich Reward” and “Two Alone, Three Together,” really touched me. I’m going to have the New Era sent to my nonmember friend. I’m sure she’ll love it!

Marguerite Beecher
Huntington Beach, California

No time for TV

The article “Television and Time” by Elder F. Burton Howard in the September issue was a good one. As missionaries we don’t get too much time to watch TV, but it seems to play a major role in some people’s lives. The children in one family we visited watched TV a lot. They always knew exactly what show was on what channel. More time should be spent reading, studying, and working or playing together as a family.

Elder Rick Thompson
California Los Angeles Mission

I love it

I think the New Era is brilliant. It always inspires me to do what is right. As an only member of the Church in my family, I sometimes find it difficult, but I just trust in the Lord. I have been very blessed in having so many beautiful friends. I am also very grateful to Elder Jeffrey Paul Olson and Elder John L. Kochel who brought me into the Church. They were both fantastic missionaries. The Church is true. I love it. I sustain all the Church authorities because I know Heavenly Father chose them to do the work.

Julie Cunningham
Burnlay, Lancashire, England

Wake up the world

It’s 2:30 in the morning, and I’ve just finished the last article in the March 1980 issue. I work until midnight each night and always read one article each day before I go to work. It’s a great way to start my day. I particularly like Mormonisms. They give me something good to tell my boss. Each month as I receive my New Era, I quickly glance through and pick out articles I think will be the best to read first. But after reading “Adventures of a Young British Seaman,” I couldn’t wait for work to be done so I could rush home to finish reading the other articles. So here I sit at 2:30 A.M. with a handful of tears, wishing I could wake up the world to tell them what a wonderful blessing the New Era is. Thank you for bringing a little sunshine at 2:30 in the morning.

Kent Evensen
West Point, Utah

You can do anything

As missionaries serving in the Iowa Des Moines Mission, in the land of rising cornstalks, my companion and I really enjoy the New Era. We are so impressed with the enlightenment it gives us in our efforts to become effective servants of our Heavenly Father. We especially enjoyed the October issue. Missionary Focus showed us the importance of fulfilling our missionary responsibilities. We all need to have the same zeal and spirit as Sam in this story. With the Spirit, you can do anything. We know this to be true. As Saints we should catch the vision of missionary work and share the most precious gift we have, the eternal gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Elders Marl C. Troelich and Mark Wakefield
Iowa Des Moines Mission

My spiritual medicine

I have been a member of the Church for a little over six years and have been reading the greatest magazine in print for the last five. I am always filled with inspiration from the Message, especially the article by Elder Monson in the November issue. “Decisions Determine Destiny” was exactly what I needed to read for my spiritual medicine. I also found great delight in “Ye Are My Friends,” but most touching of all was “Pageants and Principles.” This was the strength in the written word that I needed just then. It can get discouraging sometimes to go to a Young Adult activity and find that the girl-guy ratio is three to one. But one of the most significant comments in the article was, “The Church is more than just a religion. It is a way of life.” I hope that the Young Adult readers take that comment into their lives when discouragement strikes. It has brightened my hope and desire in the gospel. Thank you, New Era, for continually aiding my spiritual health and growth.

Donna Marie de Stasio
West Reading, Pennsylvania

The true aroha

My companion and I are really grateful for the opportunity to serve together as a companionship, one in purpose in teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing our testimonies with the people of New Zealand. We always look forward to receiving our batch of Ensigns and New Eras. We love to read them and receive spiritual motivation from the beautiful stories that are in them. We try to apply them to our missionary efforts and our everyday living.

I was deeply impressed with last October’s edition of the New Era. In it was a beautiful Missionary Focus entitled “With the Spirit You Can Do Anything.” It taught me that you don’t have to be 19 years old or go to some far-off land to be a missionary. I’m grateful to be on a mission. It has taught me that bringing happiness to others brings happiness to me as well. This happiness comes only as a result of having the pure love of Christ. Charity plays an important part in the missionary life. Many people are waiting for the gospel, and when we teach by the Spirit, we experience what the Maori people call the true aroha (love) which only comes when someone cares.

Thank you for lifting my day with those beautiful stories.

Elder Moroni D. Osmar
New Zealand Auckland Mission

How did you know?

Thanks so much for the August New Era. How did you know that was what I needed to read and learn about? The whole issue was great, but “The Balm of Gilead” really inspired me. We enjoy the New Era in our home. It’s usually pretty worn by the time everyone has finished reading it.

Mary Wilson
Tujunga, California

Lonely for the Saints

As a student away from home, I have been unable to attend any Church meetings for two months. The September and October issues of the New Era, which my family forwarded to me, have truly helped satisfy my hunger for spiritual food and have strengthened me in my goal to set an example for those I associate with. My missionary zeal has increased as my confidence in my own testimony has grown, aided by the inspired articles in the New Era. Thank you from a student lonely for association with the Saints.

Vicki Ann Borrowman
Lumby, British Columbia, Canada