Selected Photography, Poetry, and Art

by Dayle King Searle

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Pieces of Eternity

I always knew you would come
I guess I just wasn’t expecting it
So soon.
And though I wasn’t expecting a white stallion
And a castle in the clouds,
Maybe I was expecting a little armor.
It’s odd how quietly you came—
No fanfare,
No fireworks,
No dramatic revelation;
I just turned around one day
And there you were,
Where you’d always been.
Your hand fit quietly in my hand,
And your life quietly filled a void in my life.
It seems odd;
I have always looked at eternity
As some vast and distant goal,
But now I find
That bits and pieces of eternity
Are settling quietly
All around me.

[photo] Photo by Greg Bohnstedt


Beyond the quiet mists
of morning
I found Him—
majesty more than tall,
a light for all to see.
His presence whispered
beginnings again,
and his grasp
held love’s power—
His lightest touch
encompassed me.
And now,
with words in hand and firey heart, I search
the dawning’s mist and will not cease
until to seeking souls
I can be
His hands, His gentle strength,
and bring to them
His peace.

[photo] Photo by Kevin Merrell

[photo] Photo by Craig Brown

Waltz at Eventide

burgundy feathers sprinkling,
waltzed against a jealous sky
with partner of November gale
in golden dress
and tie and tail—
their graceful flight
enchanted the eye.
And when they saw me following
each elegant swish
and dainty prance,
they neared, and offering radiant hands,
invited me
to dance.

Amphibious Captive to a Child’s Hand

Sun, bump,
squirt, jump,
slimey, slippery,
green lump—
skip, dash,
squeal, splash,
flip, squiggle,
slip, giggle,

[photo] Photo by Kathryn Snyder

[photo] Photo by Diane Christopherson

Upon Leaving Home

I left my quiet harbor
In favor of another—I know not where.
But first,
there are seas to cross
and storms to brave.
How could I prefer the foreign deep
to the encircling arms of my bay?
Because some things
can only be learned
at sea.
Yes, my craft is watertight.
I can navigate the unknown,
And O, the wind that fills my sails
blows from home.

Blue Galilee

Bright sea,
whose sleepy depths
He more than knew,
whose raging heights
He overthrew,
where triumphantly He walked,
upon whom lovingly, He gazed—
I am like you.
He walks beside me like a friend,
just as His feet impressed the sand
along your breezy shore,
just as he stood and walked the waves
so far above your watery floor.
Great sea,
On wind-tossed Galilee,
my raging storms
He also stills.
Oh gentle sea,
blue Galilee,
my depths He knows,
my soul He fills.

[photo] Photo by Dale Kelly

[illustration] Illustration by Cary Henrie

In Becoming

while bent over furrows
laden with warm, brown seeds,
I marveled at the miracle
of potential peas nestled
within tiny seed walls,
swelling upward to reach their source of light.
And now,
as I am bowed beneath
the weight of trials,
I marvel, too, at the miracle
of a potential deity
tucked within my soul,
struggling homeward to its source of Light.

[photos] Photos by Barry Howell

You Gentle Me

When life’s harsh winds
blow all about,
and I close my heart
to keep hurt out,
you softly enter
and set me free,
to become the man
God wants of me.

[illustration] Illustration by Brad Orsburn


I’ve come to know
your voice, your smile,
the way you say my name,
And how it is
to walk with you,
and talk with you,
and talk of life and dreams,
Till now a day
without these things
just doesn’t feel complete.

[illustration] Illustration by Grant Taylor

[photo] Photo by T. J. Hankins

The Rock Hound

I thought I saw you sparkle.
Are you a diamond in disguise?
Or just a piece of granite
Playing tricks upon my eyes.

Growing Pains

Dear Lord, please forgive
my foolish, selfish tears.
Please understand
and wipe away my fears.
I know that this will help me grow
and reach a higher plane,
But growing isn’t easy,
and I’m having growing pains.