What a fountain!

I teach high school juniors and seniors each Sunday morning in the Cody Third Ward, Cody Wyoming Stake. My course manual gives me many opportunities for “teacher-prepared lessons.” Today I first read two issues of the Church News, marking one in particular and setting it aside, knowing parts of it will be worked into future lessons. Then I opened the October 1979 issue of the New Era and let the tears flow. What a dynamically inspirational issue! What a fountain of material for gospel teachers in all realms to utilize for lesson preparation.

Thanks have to be in order. My first impulse was to express appreciation to the New Era, because it is indeed a tool of the Lord. But on reflection, I know that my thanks must be more encompassing. Without all the beautiful, inspired members of the Lord’s true church who write the articles—or just live the experiences that are written about—the pages of the magazine would be empty.

Thank you, Church members everywhere, who care enough about your fellowmen to share your choice spiritual experiences with all of us who so vitally need our lives to be touched.

Sue Bailey
Cody, Wyoming

A source of strength

In the mission field one soon realizes the importance of maintaining and strengthening positive thoughts in order to maintain correct attitudes in all areas of missionary life and work. The New Era has always been a source of strength in my efforts to think positively. I, like many other missionaries, have found the New Era to be one of the finest missionary tools we have. Its message, appearance, and spirit have enriched and enlightened the lives of more than one of the families we have taught in our labors.

Elder John M. A. Taylor
England Bristol Mission

In touch

Thank you very much for the great work that goes into every issue of the New Era. I look forward to each copy and read it from cover to cover. It keeps me in touch with all the members around the world.

Nicola Burnell
Bristol, England

My own movie

I want to thank Dan Lindstrom whose fireside talk “My Own Movie” was printed in the April 1979 New Era. When I read it, I was having trouble with the missionary work. In our apartment was a stack of old New Eras, and I found myself reading them from cover to cover. I would rise each day at 5:00 A.M. just to read them. One day I read the article by Brother Lindstrom, and it sank home. I started to question myself, and found I needed some great improvement. Since then I have been very careful in what I do and say. I have given myself to the work, and success is finally coming my way.

Elder Bryan Cook
Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission

A gift of sunshine

I would like to thank you very much for the article “A Gift of Sunshine” by Richard M. Romney in the October New Era. That article had a few old friends of mine in it. I met them when we lived in Frankfurt for two years. While there I got to know a very special girl, one Brother Romney quoted in his article. Her name is Rosemarie Koning. The article brought back many happy memories of the neat people I met in the Frankfurt wards. I haven’t heard from Rosemarie since we moved back to the States, but I think about her often.

I love the New Era. It’s something very special.

Lynda Schenk
Salt Lake City, Utah

A hand in all things

While reading about Lezlie Bowden in the November New Era, I was reminded of the time I was running for a national office of the Future Homemakers of America. Five days before our state’s delegation to the national convention was to leave, I ended up in the hospital with acute tonsillitis. While there I received a blessing that I will never forget. In it my branch president assured me that “the Lord has a hand in all things.” l was able to attend the convention and did my best in competition. I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t get that national office because I knew that the Lord had a hand in it. I had already been elected to seven chapter and regional offices and one state office. I had never yet lost! This was my chance to experience losing. In life we have to experience losing as well as winning. I knew that while the Lord didn’t need me as a national FHA officer, he was surely watching over me and giving me many other opportunities and experiences for which I will always be grateful. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Lisa Buzan
Onaway, Michigan

Mubuhay Ang

Thanks for the New Era. It is the greatest magazine I’ve read in my life. It satisfies a spiritual hunger of the missionaries here in the Philippines Cebu Misson. Our monthly shipment of New Eras helps us teach our investigators. I too have learned many things from reading this magazine. All I can say is Mubuhay Ang, New Era.

Elder C. H. Nacar, Jr.
Philippines Cebu Mission

A very special story

I like the New Era very much and look forward to it each month. It has so many good stories. In the November issue I enjoyed the article “Pageants and Principles” written by Kristin Shurtliff. It was a very special story. I am almost 13 and have been reading the New Era for about a year and a half now. Thank you so much for having such neat spiritual stories each month.

Sandra Adams
Parowan, Utah

More than once

I enjoy the New Era so much. Each month I can hardly wait to see what special message it has just for me. The New Era has brightened my day more than once, and it also has helped me to see the many blessings that my Heavenly Father has bestowed upon me. Thanks so much for this special knowledge and understanding.

Paulette Anderson
Heber City, Utah

With our voices

Thanks so much for the November New Era. I was inspired so much when I read “God Speaks with Our Voices.” I read this article many times because I was very impressed with the missionary work in Chile. It inspired me to achieve the same kind of success in my own mission. My companion and I (both of us are Indonesian) were finding it difficult to find sincere investigators to teach. But after reading this article, we decided that we must work harder than before, so we prayed humbly to our Father in Heaven that he would show us the pure in heart.

And as we went about our work, I also always remembered in my mind “God speaks with our voices.” Approximately two weeks later we found some investigators who were eager to know the Lord’s way. As we taught them, they were very happy because they could feel the Spirit of God. They asked to be baptized and brought to us their neighbors and friends to be taught the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of those friends have been baptized and are active in the Church. We are still busy teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to the New Era.

Elder Eddy P. Judjiono
Indonesia Jakarta Mission

The right time every time

It has now been about five years since I started reading the New Era. Every article has been an added inspiration to each day of my life. I have learned and grown so much from the doctrine of the gospel and also the goodness of it through the articles published in this great magazine. I am so proud of the New Era that I take it with me each day to school and read it during a break or lunch period. So many people have asked me what I am reading. Such joy has come to me when I have been able to share the gospel with them. The New Era is truly a missionary tool. I must express some of my feelings of thankfulness for this source of good news that comes in handy at the right time every time.

Kathy King
Lakewood, California

Person to person

With the help of the Brockville Ontario Canada Branch, my companion Elder Thurgood and I put on a reader’s theater presentation that we found in the August 1977 New Era. The production, “Person to Person, Please” was a lot of fun and really had a strong spiritual message. It touched everyone who was there. We combined music and a good selection of slides for the scene changes. Thank you for this script and the other great materials printed in the New Era.

Elder Mark Lineback
Canada Montreal Mission