In Tune:

To My Savior

Words by Jeanne Newman

Music by Dan Carter

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    I sought thy help in ages past,

    I walked within thy sight.

    Thy strength and love were my repast,

    My life, my hope, my light.

    1. My foes all fell before thy hand;

    Temptations fled away

    All turned to good at thy command

    For thou didst lead the way.

    O, Savior, how the night grows black;

    My heart is filled with fear.

    Once faith I had but now I lack;

    I cannot feel thee near.

    2. Upon my soul sore burdens press;

    No solace can I find.

    Thy light from heaven shines no less,

    But sometimes I am blind.

    Yet in the depths thy name I cry,

    Head hung in humble prayer.

    For me thou wast not loath to die;

    My burden thou wilt share.

    Not once when I had need of thee

    Didst thou my tears ignore,

    For thou wilt always care for me,

    My peace thou wilt restore.

    To My Savior (A Duet)
    Words by Jeanne Newman
    Music by Dan Carter

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