In Tune:

What God Hath Given

Words by Susan Evans McCloud

Music by Dan Carter

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    1. Today I stand and face my life.

    So much I do not know.

    But ev’ry where I go,

    although I cannot see,

    my Father walks with me;

    he walks with me if I will listen.

    I will listen;

    I want to listen to him.

    2. (He) is my God, and I believe

    that I can conquer fear.

    His promises are here

    for me to lean upon.

    I know I can’t go wrong.

    I can’t go wrong if I will listen.

    I will listen,

    believe and listen to him.

    Unhappiness, uncertainty

    they crowd around my feet,

    but they cannot defeat the things I want to be.

    I hear his words to me.

    My Father does not give to me

    the spirit that is fear.

    He draws me ever near

    that I may feel his love,

    grow strong, and rise above—

    that in my darkest hour

    my life will know the spirit of his pow’r.

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