It hit the spot

Thanks so much for publishing “The Turn-Off/Walk-Out Factor” in the June New Era. It really hit the spot. We don’t hear very much on that subject anymore, and I have frequently wondered if I was the only one who noticed all of the “garbage” we see and hear these days. People seem to take these things for granted as a part of life. I love the New Era and all of the uplifting stories it has in store each month. Keep printing things such as this article and I’ll keep reading!

Sandy Jarvis
Mesa, Arizona

An unquenchable desire

I’ve just finished reading an issue of the New Era, and it has lifted me tremendously. A very dear friend of mine let me read through most of her old New Eras and they really moved me. I was baptized eight months ago, and it wasn’t until I read “A Celestial Missionary” in the August 1980 New Era that I had a desire to prepare for a mission. This article is so special to me. Within a year I hope to be called on my mission. I have an unquenchable desire to serve our Lord.

Robert Wilcox
Whyalla, Australia

Love bank

I really enjoyed the article “Love Bank” in the June New Era. It was really beautiful. The article gave me a lot of ideas on what I can do to show my love. If we members of the Church can keep up the good work, there will never be a need for a love bank. I enjoy reading the New Era. It has something in it that benefits me every month. It is really neat to hear my friends talk about articles. Whenever we get together, the New Era finds its way into the conversation. Keep up the good work. The New Era really helps the youth.

Jeff Gerber
Red Bluff, California

In my Father’s hands

I was impressed with Elder Maxwell’s article “I Am But a Lad” in the May New Era. I wish with all my heart that youth today could understand their potential and believe in what they can become. Glorious changes come when you put your life in the Lord’s hands. I know. I did it myself several years ago. Before my conversion I had many bad habits. How grateful I am to those special friends who looked beneath the hardness and saw my potential as a daughter of God, who had the courage to call me to repentance and, with unconditional love, see me gain membership in the Church, change my life and attitude for the better, and put my life in my Father’s hands. My life is now rich and full of blessings, which include happiness through a better self-image, a temple marriage, a family, a home, Church callings, confidence, respect from those I associate with, and most important, a testimony! With God nothing is impossible!

Name Withheld

They’re great!

Hi! I thought I would let you know that the article on the Campbells in the June issue was very well written. I thought you might be interested in some of the things going on in their family since the article was written. Mike, the oldest brother, returned in July from the Washington Seattle Mission. Phil hopes to leave on his mission this fall and is presently touring with BYU’s Young Ambassadors in Scandinavia. Four of the younger boys recently participated in the first Suzuki String Festival in Buffalo, New York.

But best of all, the entire Campbell family will participate in this year’s Hill Cumorah Pageant. It will be the first time all of them will be together since Mike went on his mission. Imagine, 14 Lamanites, all from the same family, all in the same show!

Thanks again for letting other people get to know the Campbells. We think they’re great!

Cheryl Dell
Buffalo, New York

2 1/2-1 1/2-18 1/2

I have been a member of the true church for two and a half years and have received the New Era for one and a half years. Each month I receive a blessing in the form of a magazine, and with it comfort, answers, tears, and laughter.

Yesterday I spent Sunday afternoon reading every issue I owned except for five. I was moved by almost everything I read. It was one of the most spiritual, uplifting times of reflection that has ever taken place in my 18 1/2 years. So many of my questions have been answered through the New Era. My goals have been set higher, along with my standards of good, clean living. I’ve realized that my calling as a Primary teacher is of major importance because the five-year-olds I teach are the future of the Church and the world.

We are all blessed to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And thanks to the New Era, we are able to recognize those blessings better than ever.

Suzanne Evans
Placerville, California

A new perspective

I would like to thank you for “The Wisdom of Grandma Windsor” in the July New Era. I’ve been having a few problems lately, but thanks to Colleen Riley, I have a new perspective.

Susan Bowman
Georgetown, Ohio


I’ve been a loyal reader of the New Era for some time and have always intended to write and say thanks and to send subscriptions to friends who are starved for such delicious spiritual food. However, the procrastination bug seemed to prevent me. Now I have even more to be thankful for. I finally sent a subscription to my dearest friend. I was really apprehensive about sending it to her because I didn’t know what she would think. Being almost 10,000 miles away from someone makes it a bit hard. But after waiting anxiously, I received a letter that said this: “I received the May issue of the New Era, and I read the whole thing in about two hours. I love it! It’s so down to earth, personal, and real. You’ve really shed some light on my life through that magazine. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next issues.”

Can you imagine my excitement to read that from a daughter of God who probably doesn’t even realize who she is? This magazine has helped shed light and love on my life in many ways.

Kathleen Paynter
Speers Point, New South Wales Australia

When I get down in the dumps

The New Era really inspires me. When I get down in the dumps, all I have to do is pick up the New Era and start reading it, and by the time I finish, I’m in one of my best moods. I think it would be difficult for anybody to pick up an issue of the New Era, begin to read it, and then claim it was not interesting! The first Monday after we get the New Era we read the General Authority’s Message for family home evening, and it starts our family home evening off really great!

Kathy Buckles
Fremont, Missouri