The Gift

Do not place God’s gift
high on the living
room shelf
away from
young hands—
to go unnoticed
by the tired eyes,
the unaware.
Do not hoard up this gift
nor feast
in silence.
And don’t
tuck it
in some safe deposit box.
with your gift
wrapped up inside—
take off
the foiled paper.

Reading the Book

The parent-pleasing thing to do.
A bore.
A chore.
That’s what it would be.
Chapter-verse cadence
to put me to sleep.
Isaiah and Isaiah and Isaiah.
And trees in vineyards growing.
And trees not growing.
And so who cares?
That’s what it would be,
would be,
would be …
But I was wrong.
Plot, plottings, peoples
come alive.
The dreams and the visions
are mine.
I rejoice: Christ in America!
I sorrow: War and battle.
The book is ending too fast, fast, fast.
Chapter-verse rhythms racing
up, down, all around.
Mormon leading armies,
abridging records,
final struggle,
Jaredite records
(amazing tale),
Moroni writes,
records hidden.
The promise.
I promise.