A great little city

On a recent trip we found ourselves in a city with a familiar name—one we see every month with great excitement. Imagine our surprise in finding a small town with the same name as our favorite magazine. New Era, you’re a great magazine, and also a great city!

Shannon Rae, Salle Robinson, and Kim Bielema
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Through the eagle’s eye

The Eagle’s Eye, the newspaper of the BYU Indian Education Department, recently reprinted the excellent article “Zion on Zoar Road” from the June 1981 New Era. Thank you for allowing us to share the Campbell family’s story to encourage family harmony. Since this article appeared in our newspaper, I have heard many favorable remarks about it.

Rachael Duwyenie
Editor, Eagle’s Eye


I enjoyed the article “Digging into the Past” in the July 1982 New Era. It told of the founding of Goshen, Utah, by Phineas Cook. He was my great-great-grandfather. As I read the article I was instantly spurred into doing some digging into my family’s past. I got out my copy of The Life and History of Phineas Wolcott Cook, second edition. The article was right. He did found Goshen with several other men.

In the spring of 1856, Cook and his companions came into Goshen Valley looking for some missing cattle. He was very pleased with what they found. There were, among other things, large areas of rich, loamy soil suitable for crop production. Cook lost no time in getting to Salt Lake City to ask President Brigham Young for permission to establish a new colony.

It was intriguing to read of Cook’s efforts to establish a colony at Goshen. He led a colorful life in helping to settle Utah. The upshot of this incident was that I really began to see how important it is to keep a personal history. I am proud of my family heritage, and I think we can all benefit from knowing our past. Just as the youth at the dig discovered their heritage, the New Era helped me to discover mine.

Delmar Arnold Eldredge
Woodside, California

A whole lot easier

I’m a nonmember in Greendale, Wisconsin. It’s hard for me to call myself a nonmember because I feel that I really am a member. You see, I haven’t been able to get permission from my parents to be baptized. I am 15 now and have to wait until I’m 18. I’ve been waiting for three years already. I really want to thank all those involved in the making of the New Era and Ensign. There have been many, many difficulties and hardships for me. Sometimes I am not allowed to attend church on Sunday. The New Era has helped strengthen me and has given me hope during those hard times. It makes my day. Thank you for making waiting a whole lot easier.

Robyn Gillilan
Greendale, Wisconsin

Even more glad

I really enjoy the New Era. I loved “You Can ‘B’ What You Want to ‘B’” and “Roller-O” in the August 1982 issue. Stories like those really help me with the trials and temptations of life. The New Era makes me even more glad I’m a member of the true church.

Wendi Bratsman
Sugar City, Idaho

Lois Watkins is right!

I really enjoy the New Era. It’s terrific! I really liked “Noteworthy” by Kathleen Lubeck in the August issue. I’ve played the violin since the fourth grade and I love it! I am now attending a school without an orchestra, and I miss playing and studying the violin so much. But Lois Watkins is right! I should be practicing more and more. I can still play no matter what and be as good as possible. It is a gift from Heavenly Father and is really special to me. I am going to start working on a daily basis! I shouldn’t let a talent and a gift go to waste! I love my Heavenly Father and family very much. I am so thankful to be a Mormon because of the special experiences I have, especially when I go to San Antonio, Texas, for youth programs.

Edith Box
Del Rio, Texas

The incredible disappearing magazine

I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed the New Era this year. In past years, the New Era seemed to disappear before I got to read it, but not this year. This year I made a special effort to read each issue cover to cover, and then I kept them together for future enjoyment and reference. It has worked great, not only for me but for my family as well. Now we all know where to find the New Era.

Lori Brown
Martinez, California

12—the magic number

I enjoy the New Era very much. I especially like the stories readers send in to the writing contest. I would like to enter the contest too, but I am only 12. I know there are lots of people my age who read the magazine, so why can’t we enter also?

S. G.
Sandy, Utah

You can enter. All English-speaking Latter-day Saints in good standing between the ages of 12 and 26 are eligible. Editor