A broken vow

I am a missionary in the Idaho Boise Mission, and the other day I received my copy of the New Era for November. I always get excited when it comes and vow to read it slowly, but as usual I had read it from cover to cover in an hour or two. I am writing to commend the author of “Best Friends” on a fantastic story. It so well describes my own feelings about home. I don’t have a friend like Tessie, but the story reminded me of my little sister and how things could be when I get home. Thank you for such a super magazine for youth. It has always been my favorite reading material as I have grown up.

Elder Jeffrey Tacy
Idaho Boise Mission

Rewarding rugged road

I am a missionary in the California San Diego Mission, and while we were waiting for an appointment I picked up the January/February 1980 issue of the New Era. I really enjoyed the article “Rugged Is the Road to Rich Reward.” It really meant a lot to me, being a missionary, because the Lord really blesses us when we give of our time and energy unselfishly. Thanks for a great uplift.

Elder Dave Wickers
California San Diego Mission

No ordinary man

I have never written to you before, but I want you to know how much I appreciated the article on President Kimball in the December 1982 New Era. He is truly “No Ordinary Man.” Every time I see a picture of him or read an article by or about him, I grow to love him more and more. He is so handsome and humble and such a perfect example of strength. I try to pattern my life after him in all I do. I was able to shake his hand when he came to visit our temple because my dad took us down. I would love to be able to talk to him and tell him how much I love and appreciate him. He has done much for the Church and had a big position to fill. He has filled it to its capacity and still continues to work. Thank you for your special article on this man of God.

Sharla Brooks
St. George, Utah

How I could improve myself

I recently ran across a January/February 1980 edition of the New Era. I was really impressed by “Two Alone, Three Together.” It showed me how I could improve myself by having more faith in the Lord and praying more effectively. I have enjoyed the New Era ever since I was a kid. Keep up the good work.

Elder Blake Wright
Ohio Cleveland Mission

New Era-ing

Whoever said the New Era wasn’t for people over 18 was crazy! It’s the best literature I’ve ever read. I am currently serving a mission. I’m living in an old home that has an attic full of old New Eras and Ensigns. I really love the New Era fiction stories. More than once they have helped me understand the gospel better. Well, I’ve got to get back to my P-day activity—New Era-ing.

Elder Michael S. Macy
Ohio Columbus Mission

Mormonad ad

I am a home-study seminary teacher in the Duncan Arizona Stake and use the New Era Mormonads quite often in my lesson preparation. The Mormonads say so much in just one picture. I also post them on my bulletin board after I use them in family home evening. Thanks so much for a well-done magazine!

Terry M. Lunt
Duncan, Arizona

Very proud

I felt very proud as I read “Into the Wild Blue Yonder” in the June 1982 issue of the New Era. I believe I know what those cadets are going through. I’ve been in the air force for over 18 months. I also have a desire to fulfill a mission after my enlistment is over. Thank you for helping me to find and realize my own goals and desires in life.

Kent T. Egelund
Cheyenne, Wyoming

About my turn

I’ve read the Church magazines for a long time now. When I turned 11, I told myself I’d read the Friend from cover to cover each month. Now I’m reading the New Era from cover to cover each month. I love the Message, the music, the fiction, the poetry—everything. But I think the thing I look forward to most is Feedback because youth are writing in to bear their testimonies. They don’t know how much they strengthen my own testimony!

Well, I think it’s about my turn! I want to tell everyone how blessed we are to be in contact with the Church. I know this is the true church. I love the Lord and President Kimball. I’m thankful for my friends and family, and I know that if we have faith and hold fast to the iron rod we’ll always be happy. The Lord hears and answers prayers, and even if it seems that the world is closing in on you, he’ll be there. You’ve got to believe.

I grew up in the Church, but everyone has to be converted, and my conversion has been through the Lord, the New Era, my friends, and my family. Thanks for a terrific magazine that is a strength to us all.

Aundrea Fish
Peoa, Utah

A world of my own

I have now been reading the New Era for eight months, but I never before realized what a strength it is to me. It is like a world of my own. How fortunate and blessed the youth of the Church are!

Cara Odell
Riverside, California

Merci, merci

Merci (thank you) to the New Era for all the good articles and all the beautiful photographs, as well as for the entire magazine. The New Era is formidable (great)!

Fara Ramamonjisoa
Grenoble, France