I’m a Deacon

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    (Based on an incident in the life of Mark Peterson, 12, of the Orem 16th Ward, Orem, Utah Sharon East Stake.)

    The priesthood! Wow! When those guys from the quorum came and talked to me, I found out there are a lot of things I’ve got to do. I can’t just goof around anymore. The guys in the quorum are really serious about this.

    Those scriptures they showed me—I’ve got to be a good example. “Warn, expound, exhort, and teach, and invite all to come unto Christ.” That’s what the Doctrine and Covenants says. So how does somebody do all that?

    Well, I guess I could start by being a good example to my friends at school. There are lots of people watching me there. They’ll know if I’m honest or not. Besides, I’ll know anyway, and the Lord will too.

    But how do I exhort anybody? How do I invite people to come to Christ? Hmm. Maybe I could start with Brian. At least I can talk to him, and little brothers usually listen. Maybe we could read the scriptures together or something.

    “Watch over the Church.” That’s another scripture. How do I do that one? I can watch over my family and help my mom. I can help the bishop and help other priesthood leaders.

    And there’s that other scripture, too. “Keys to the ministering of angels.” Angels! Wow! That means angels are helping me too? That’s pretty good. I might be able to really do something if angels are helping me. I guess the guys in the quorum will help too. Maybe I can do all this. It’s worth a try.

    Photos by Eldon Linschoten