Who’s Who Among Women in the Scriptures

by Kathleen Ellstrom

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    Do you know who’s who among the women in the scriptures? Find out by trying to identify some of history’s heroines from the clues given below. In each case, the A clue is the toughest, the C clue the easiest. Read the clues in ABC order, and cover all the clues below the one you’re reading as you go down the page. You will earn points according to how many of the clues you need in each case to correctly identify the woman. Score as follows: If you need only the A clue you earn three points; A and B clues, two points; A, B, and C clues, one point. If you make an incorrect identification, penalize yourself according to the same schedule. For example, if you read the A clue and make a wrong guess, deduct three points; if you read the A and B clues and miss, deduct two; if you read all three clues and miss, deduct one. Since you will be penalized for guessing, use as many clues as you need to be sure of making a correct identification—unless you want to live dangerously. It’s up to you to use the strategy that will earn you the most total points. If you earn all 36 points, you are indeed in the know about who’s who. If you earn 12 or less, you may want to invest a little more time in getting to know these fascinating women better.

    If you wish to use this quiz for team competition, allow the opposing team a chance to identify the character each time the team at bat either makes an incorrect identification, or chooses not to answer on the A or B clue. If the opposing team misses, the team at bat then goes on to the next clue.

      1. I am mentioned by name in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

      2. A heavenly visitor told me that I was to bear a special child.

      3. I am the mother of the Savior.

        (Matt. 1:16, 18–25; Luke 1:27–56, Luke 2:5–19; 1 Ne. 11:13–20; Mosiah 3:8; Alma 7:10.)

      1. I was a prophetess but was afflicted with leprosy because I spoke against the Lord’s chosen leader.

      2. I led the women of Israel in a song of joy after our deliverance from Egyptian soldiers.

      3. I watched over my baby brother in an ark on the river Nile until Pharoah’s daughter found and adopted him.

        (Ex. 2:3–10, Ex. 15:20–21; Num. 12:1–15.)

      1. I am mentioned by name in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Pearl of Great Price.

      2. I talked and walked with God.

      3. I am the first woman of this world.

        (Gen. 1:28–30, Gen. 3:7–16, 29; 1 Ne. 5:11; 2 Ne. 2:19; Moses 4:12–14, 22, 26, Moses 5:4.)

      1. I am the first woman to whom a revelation was addressed in the Doctrine and Covenants.

      2. I was called an elect lady.

      3. I married a prophet of God in this dispensation.

        (D&C 25:1, 3, 5.)

      1. An angel promised me a special child when I was “well stricken in years.”

      2. My husband, a priest in Israel, had a vision while officiating in the temple.

      3. My son was the forerunner of the Savior.

        (Mark 1:2–3; Luke 1:5–22.)

      1. King David and the Savior were born through me.

      2. When my husband died, I went with my mother-in-law to Bethlehem to live.

      3. I told my mother-in-law, “Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge.”

        (Ruth 1:4–7, 16–19; Ruth 4:17; Matt. 1:5–16.)

      1. I was converted to the gospel by a remarkable vision my father had.

      2. I raised my mistress from the ground where she had fallen after being overpowered by the Spirit of the Lord.

      3. I was a servant of the queen of the Lamanites.

        (Alma 19:16–18, 28, 29.)

      1. I helped the poor and the needy and was full of good works.

      2. I was a disciple of Christ.

      3. I was raised from the dead by Peter the Apostle.

        (Acts 9:36–41.)

      1. I left my home and friends to travel with my husband to a new land.

      2. I complained to my husband, saying that he was a visionary man and that because of this our sons were dead and we would die in the wilderness.

      3. My children split into two nations who warred against each other in the land of promise.

        (1 Ne. 2:4–5, 1 Ne. 5:1–3; Jacob 1:13–14.)

      1. I was a Jewish girl who was made queen of the Medes and Persians.

      2. A book of the Bible was named after me.

      3. I risked my life to save my people from being murdered.

        (Esth. 2:5–7, 10, 17, Esth. 7:3–6, Esth. 8:3–17.)

      1. For two days I sat by the bed of my husband who lay as if dead after being overcome by the Spirit of the Lord.

      2. After hearing the gospel from the Lord’s messenger, I too was overcome by the Spirit and fell as if dead.

      3. My servant, a convert to the gospel, raised me up.

        (Alma 19:2–5, 11–12, 14, 29–30.)

      1. The Savior cast seven devils out of me.

      2. I told the Apostles that Christ was risen, but they did not believe me.

      3. I was the first person Jesus appeared to after his resurrection.

        (Mark 16:9–11; John 20:1–2, 11–18.)


    Illustrated by Lee Shaw

    Show References

    • 1. Mary

      2. Miriam

      3. Eve

      4. Emma

      5. Elizabeth

      6. Ruth

      7. Abish

      8. Tabitha or Dorcas

      9. Sariah

      10. Esther

      11. Queen of the Lamanites

      12. Mary Magdalene