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June 1983


The Message:

Instruments of Righteousness
by Elder Carlos E. Asay
The Golden Chain by Kipling Charles Clark
My Means of Survival by Karen Backman


A Hymn for Guaymas
by Alma J. Yates
Land of Sunshine, Land of Rain by Richard M. Romney
Apple Blossoms, Orchestras, and Stars by Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard
Love Casts Out Fear by Joan Oviatt

In Tune:

Love Casts Out Fear
Words by Joan Oviatt
The Name Connection by
FYI: For Your Information
Puzzlement: Who’s Who Among Women in the Scriptures by Kathleen Ellstrom
A Perfectly Portable Picnic by Diane L. MangumThis is a fun dinner. Each meatloaf serving is cooked in its own onion shell.Bake this treat for dessert after your fire has burned down to almost only white ash.
Me and Cat by Marin Forbis
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