If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
—Benjamin Franklin

Highest Fitness Level

Sheryl Swain, 18, of Carmichael, California, has achieved a unique distinction in her high school. She is the first girl to complete a grueling, three-year program to win her school’s navy blue level of physical achievement. Students all begin with white PE shorts and achieve different colors as they complete each physical feat.

Since the program has been in existence, only 19 boys have finished at the highest level. The program includes feats of strength and endurance such as carrying another student weighing ten pounds less for one mile, swimming underwater for 50 yards, running a mile in under 6 1/2 minutes, remaining afloat in a pool with hands and feet tied for 6 minutes, and climbing a standard-length gym rope in 8 seconds. Of all the events, running the mile in the prescribed time was the most difficult for Sheryl.

Sheryl is Laurel class secretary in her La Sierra Ward, Fair Oaks California Stake.

Three Convert Missionaries

Three young women now serving missions in Australia all have something in common. They originally grew up on islands in the Indian Ocean and were converted to the Church by friends.

Soon Lee Lim was born and raised on Christmas Island. She and her family moved to Perth, Australia, where she joined the Church and introduced it to her friend Chong Kheng Lin. Soon Lee was called to the Brisbane Mission to serve as a full-time missionary.

Chong Kheng Lin was also from Christmas Island. She and her family also settled in Perth, Australia. She attended the baptism of Soon Lee and was impressed by the Spirit and the information communicated by the missionaries. She investigated and joined the Church. Lin is serving a full-time mission in the Melbourne Australia Mission.

Maria Rogatienne Augusoa Houareau was born on the Seychelles Islands. She was introduced to the gospel by a friend, and she and two sisters were baptized. Maria is now serving a full-time mission in Melbourne, Australia.

Shirt Service

A group of underprivileged boys on a Denver, Colorado, Boys’ Club basketball team looks a little snappier thanks to the efforts of Eagle Scout John Hadfield. For his Eagle Scout project, John made numbered basketball jerseys for a team of boys who were playing without uniforms.

John raised the money to buy the supplies. He then cut out 12 shirts, sewed them up (a skill he learned in a junior high home economics class), and recruited other Boy Scouts to hem them. He planned to buy the numbers, but when he explained the project, the shopkeeper agreed to number the shirts free of charge.

John serves as patrol leader and deacons quorum president in the Littleton Second Ward, Littleton Colorado Stake.

On Her Toes

Monique Irish, 15, of the Hingham Ward, Hingham Massachusetts Stake, was selected as one of 20 young women in the United States to attend a four-week summer workshop with the American Ballet Theater in New York. She has been studying ballet for ten years.

Interestingly enough, Monique started in ballet to correct some foot problems she had as a child. She hopes to have a career in ballet.

Eagle Essay

Arron Grow from Newburg, Oregon, accepted an award for winning the Oregon Society Eagle Scout Essay competition. His entry became eligible for the national competition. Arron was one of six who placed in the essay contest.

Keyboard Virtuoso

Although David Day of Bristol, England, is just 13, he already has some significant performances to his credit. He was chosen from hundreds of entries to play the piano in Royal Albert Hall in a national music festival organized by the Scout and Guide Association.

“The concert at Royal Albert Hall was the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” said David. “I was nervous.” His nervousness did not show as he performed for a large audience that included his parents, two sisters, brother, and grandparents.

David has also appeared in a Children’s Royal Variety Show, performing before Princess Margaret. David began playing at the age of six. At age eight he was called to be the junior Sunday School pianist. A year later he played the organ in stake conference.

Currently David serves as the ward organist and first counselor in the deacons quorum presidency in the Bristol Fourth Ward.