In Tune:

I’m Glad That God Chose Me to Be Your Son

Words and Music by Deanna Edwards

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    In free, rhythmic style

    1. You were there when I needed you to guide me.

    When I stumbled, you were near to take my hand.

    You were proud ev’ry time you walked beside me,

    In a thousand ways I didn’t understand.


    Oh, Dad, I never thought that I would ever find the words

    to thank you for the many things you’ve done.

    I want to say “I love you” from the bottom of my heart,

    And I’m glad that God chose me to be your son.

    2. (There were) times when I didn’t know the reasons,

    When you stood by me and never asked me why.

    As our moments melted softly into seasons,

    I learn’d that I had wings enough to fly.


    Yes, I’m glad that God chose me to be your son.

    Copyright © 1985 by Deanna Edwards. All rights reserved. Making copies of this music for use within the Church is permitted. This notice must be included on each copy made.

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