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June 1985


The Message:

Be Thou an Example of the Believers
by Elder Robert L. Backman
In Memoriam: Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Advocate for Truth
Called to Serve
Gospel Love in McMinnville by Russ Cline
One Afternoon on Maui by Kris Mackay
Cairns along the Trail by Janet Thomas

In Tune:

I’m Glad That God Chose Me to Be Your Son
Words and Music by Deanna Edwards


The Goshawk
by Vernon H. Jensen
Backyard Dining by Dian ThomasChicken, ham, and fruits make a scrumptious outdoor treat. Ingredients:This kabob proves to be easy and inexpensive! Ingredients:This refreshing salad can easily double as a dessert. Ingredients:This dessert will be a sure hit at any backyard party.
FYI: For Your Information
The Fifth Quarter by Melvin Leavitt
The Testimony by Carolyn Packard
Photo of the Month