I am filled with ideas

and phrases and talk.

I can see that all God’s beauty

lies before me.

I want to find it all



through wide-eyed looks

and trembling smiles.

That frozen lake where my

feebly-thrown rock

bounces and lies still

is new to me.

It’s something grand and strange.

I didn’t know there was

that much cold

in all the whole big world.

And mountains watching

all around,


like God.

But I’ve seen beauty

times before

in open air-filled spaces

where hills rolled like

a blanket-covered bed

when you’re all tucked in,

where nothing stopped

you eye from seeing all

it could possibly find.

Perhaps someday I’ll find

another place

and find all the beauty

that’s there.

But long past tomorrow,

whatever I find,

my heart will turn back to the

way things were

back home.