An idea I wanted to avoid

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful article “Happily Ever After?” in the January-February issue of the New Era. It was an answer to my prayers. The thought of pursuing a college education and deciding what my major would be was an idea I wanted to avoid altogether. The article helped me get the answer I was looking for, and helped me realize the importance of furthering my education. Thank you so much for the New Era and the inspiring articles.

Kelly Moss
Homer, Alaska

Judge not

I am a missionary serving in the Philippines Baguio Mission, and today I just got hold of the March 1985 issue. After reading the message, I read some of the articles that caught my attention. All of them dealt with the same topic—judging others.

As I read “Hidden Treasure” it reminded me of times when I prejudged new contacts to be the type that would not accept the gospel. But as we taught them, the Lord would prove me wrong. These people would hear and accept the truth!

“Pockets Full of Rocks” helped me to better see the importance of not judging others for their weakness, but looking for the good in them. This is an important missionary tool.

And the poem “Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged” reminded me of the words of the Savior when he said, “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged” (3 Ne. 14:2). I always enjoy reading the New Era. I just wish that all Latter-day Saints, young and old, who have access to this inspiring magazine will read it so they too can gain a greater outlook on the gospel.

Elder J. Scott Humphrey
Philippines Baguio Mission

I could taste it

Thank you so much for awarding my story first place in the contest. I wanted it so badly I could taste it. Not just for the money either.

I’ve read the New Era all my life, and it has helped me more than you’ll ever know. I’ve also written fiction as a hobby since I was 11 years old. I’ve often dreamed of having a story published in my favorite magazine. This means the world to me. I hope that my story will inspire some good member of the Church who is working with an inactive member. I know how frustrating it can be.

I love the Lord and I know this is his Church. I love the New Era too.

J. Scott Henrie
Ogden, Utah

My wall

I have to write and say how much I appreciated “The Wall” in your April issue. Four days after I read the story, my father died of leukemia. The story helped me understand that I wasn’t the only one who was afraid of the way my father was. I am 14 years old, and I have six brothers and two sisters. In “The Wall” the boy had to finish building the wall for his father. I understand that my wall is helping my mother raise my brothers and sisters and being the best I can in doing it. I have to thank the New Era for printing that story. I’ll never forget it.

Lawna Palmer
Lakewood, Colorado

Jumping for joy

I received your letter informing me that I had won second place in the fiction category of the New Era contest, and after jumping around my room for joy for a while, I decided to write you and express my heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you so much! I’m really flattered that my work has been considered good enough to be a winner. I wasn’t expecting to win, and even now I still can’t believe it.

I will always be an admirer of the New Era. I am so proud of it. It’s simply in a class by itself. I know that countless lives have been changed through the articles that it contains. The New Era is one of the best missionary tools that we have. Having my work recognized in this way is one of the crowning glories of my life.

Elder Benson Misalucha
Philippines Baguio Mission

Just for me

I just finished reading the March 1985 issue, and it was a New Era just for me. The article “Pockets Full of Rocks” came at a time when I was judging others entirely. It made me really think back.

“Follow the Stream” is an article with many things in it that I have participated in during my own life. It was nice to hear that others feel the same as I do.

“More Than Just a Babysitter” was another article I really enjoyed. I babysit a lot, and it gave me some good ideas to use with children. So thanks again for all these great articles.

Leslie Stewart
Arco, Idaho

100 percent better

I just wanted to tell you how I appreciate the New Era and the Ensign. They are a guiding light in my life. I’m 17 and live in Georgetown, Idaho. And when I come home from school and the day has not gone just so, I just pick up a New Era or Ensign and read cover to cover. Soon I feel 100 percent better. I’m grateful for these wonderful magazines.

Tony Grossnickle
Georgetown, Idaho