A light rekindled

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Lori Anne Brown for writing the beautiful poem “Go into All the World” that appeared in the August 1984 New Era. My family and I live in a place where the Church is very small right now. When I read that wonderful poem, the desire to let my “light so shine” was regenerated within me. Thank you again, Sister Brown.

As I prepare to leave on my mission now, I want to express my thanks for a beautiful and inspired magazine. The New Era truly has been a great help to me as I’ve prepared for my upcoming mission.

Arlyn Anderson
St. Marys, Georgia

A lot about myself

Thank you for printing and publishing the New Era every month. The stories are most interesting and enjoyable to read. I am learning a lot about myself and others by reading the stories. I also enjoy the songs very much. There are some very talented youth in the Church. Thank you again for the New Era. It is both enjoyable and inspirational.

Cindi Barnes
Battle Creek, Missouri

Cadets and missionaries

As LDS cadet group leader for the past year, I feel it is appropriate that I send you a little follow-up information concerning your June 1982 article about the LDS cadets at the Air Force Academy. Jay Esplin, Todd Esplin, and I were all readmitted to the academy following our missions.

The registrar and the director of admissions for the academy have talked with me and said that they were closely monitoring the performance of returned missionaries at the academy. Without exception, each of us has performed better since returning from our missions. It has become almost routine now for LDS cadets to attend the academy for two years, resign for a two-year mission, and then be readmitted to the academy.

This year’s freshman class contains the largest number of LDS cadets ever admitted to the academy, and many of them have told me that your June ’82 article influenced them in their decision to attend the academy, helping them to realize that they can attend the academy and serve a mission. It is also becoming more common for cadets to serve a mission before entering the academy.

Three returned missionaries graduated this year, and three more are returning to the academy this summer following their missions. Five sophomores are leaving on their missions this summer, and ten freshmen have expressed a desire to leave next summer. It is great to see the Spirit working this way in the cadet group, and I thank you for the part your article played in this success.

Guy C. Neddo
Lieutenant, USAF

Following the stream

I am a missionary in the New Zealand Auckland Mission. I received a copy of the March 1985 New Era awhile ago. I was greatly impressed with the article “Follow the Stream.” I reckon the New Era is the best. I’ve used it in my life, and I’ve watched it change the lives of others. Keep up the great work. I’m a fan of the New Era for life.

Elder Michael S. Clark
New Zealand Auckland Mission

The harvest continues

In the March 1985 New Era there is a story about Bruce Drennan called “Planting the Seeds of Testimony.” What a beautiful tribute to a young man to have the Book of Mormon project go forth with such love and enthusiasm.

We just attended a district conference in the beautiful new chapel at Achacachi (which includes the Suriquiña branch). As we sat on the stand and viewed all those beautiful Aymara Indians all dressed in their native costumes, filling the chapel to overflowing, in the aisles and hallways—it was a sight to behold. Well, our hearts were so touched. Tears welled up in our eyes, and we knew that Elder Drennan and Elder Bons did truly plant seeds in Bolivia and that the harvest is still going on.

We are building 35 new chapels this year in Bolivia, and we have a mission goal of 1,000 baptisms for the month of December, 1985. Truly those two elders who gave their lives while doing the work of the Lord in Bolivia planted seeds that will bless people’s lives throughout eternity.

President and Sister F. Melvin Hammond
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


Thanks for being a wonderful magazine, New Era. I’ve only been a member of the LDS church for a month now, but you helped me out many a time during my 22 months as an investigator. I’ve had lots of ups and downs the past two years, and the New Era has always been an UP. I am grateful to the many members of the Church who helped me during my investigation and to all those who contribute to this excellent magazine, as it often helped and uplifted me. I am so happy to have a testimony of the gospel and to be a member of the Lord’s church. You’re great. Thanks again.

Theresa Raftery
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks, Grandpa

Thank you for “The Red Vase.” This story gives each of us a red vase to help us measure our personal goals “and remember.” Thank you, New Era. Thank you,” “Grandpa.”

Jan Dickson
Hawthorne, California