These excerpts from a few of the thousands of letters we’ve received over the years may give you some small idea of what you’ve been missing if you haven’t subscribed to the New Era.

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Mail moment

Today the mail was a little late, so I looked out the window to see if the mailman was coming. He was sitting outside our house reading the New Era!

Cindy Jeppson Millington, New Jersey

Growing pains

I remember the New Era so well during my high school years. I had some important decisions to make back then and needed all the spiritual guidance I could grasp hold of. I remember well when I was struggling with one decision and thought I had done everything there was to do as far as faith and prayer were concerned. One night as I was reading the New Era, I came across some quotes from our Latter-day prophets, and one stood out on the page. It said, “Maybe you should try fasting.” I fasted and things became clear. Thanks, New Era, for being there through many of my growing pains. Life here is not over with yet, and I know there will be more growing pains. Sure hope the New Era will be there to help relieve some of the hurt.

Connie Medlock Lubbock, Texas


I felt like I just found a gold mine! While correlating some lessons in the Beehive manual to articles in the New Era, I found that in just five issues I could find approximately six articles per lesson that would help me. With the examples and articles in the New Era, I have all the information I need to make my lessons interesting and fun.

Brenda Blaxham Hunt Salt Lake City, Utah

When I was inactive

When I was inactive I wouldn’t have much to do with the Church, but I always read the New Era and always got something out of it, and it helped me realize that the Church really has it all together and helps us to live our lives the way our Heavenly Father would want us to. Now I refer to the New Era all the time for talks and lessons.

Liz Wallace Poway, California

Words cannot describe

Words cannot describe how I felt when I saw that my issues of the New Era had arrived. For the past six months I have been struggling through life without them because of a postal strike. It was during this time that I realized how much I relied on the New Era for spiritual strength and growth. I find the reading selections so uplifting that I know this magazine is inspired of our Heavenly Father.

April Holt Rickering, Ontario, Canada

RX for depression

As a new member, I’ve learned by now that depression isn’t good for the soul. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a cure. Take one New Era and read it from cover to cover, then pray and reread your favorite parts. As a freshman in college, I’ve found many reasons to be depressed, and this cure hasn’t failed me yet.

Kathy Nelson Corvallis, Oregon

I was never really sure

I just started receiving the New Era a few days ago. I was never really sure whether God or Jesus Christ even existed. The New Era has helped me to know. I don’t know if it is really possible to tell you how grateful I am for the help. Thanks ever so much!

Lyndsey Wyman Cairo, Egypt

Something timeless

The New Era has been a spiritual gold mine to me. I am at a time in my life when I often feel that everything around me is in a never-ending state of transition, and I find myself wanting to cling to something solid, permanent, timeless, and unaltered by change. I have only recently come to realize that the gospel is such a thing, an immutable island in a churning sea of change. In this life, which consists of the moment and of things fleeting, it is reassuring for me to know that I have something that is timeless.

Cathy Hunn Crystal Lake, Illinois

Much more clear

I’m a nonmember, but I have gotten a few copies of the New Era from a friend. I can’t begin to express how fantastic they are! I have been kind of down lately, but by reading this magazine I understand my life more clearly now. Everything seems much more clear.

Jenny Larson St. Cloud, Minnesota

A real boost

Thank you for a wonderful publication that serves as a regular reminder that we are, indeed, a part of a worldwide, growing church. Since our numbers are so few, the youth in Emporia, Kansas, are sometimes inclined to feel quite solitary. They seem to get a real boost from recognizing that thousands of young people throughout the Church share a lot of their feelings and trials.

Diane H. Jensen Topeka, Kansas

It gets lonesome

I’m the only Latter-day Saint in my family, so it gets kind of lonesome sometimes. I really do enjoy receiving the New Era. Every time it arrives, my mother says that it really makes her day.

Sue E. Hayden London, England