In charity there is no excess.

—Francis Bacon

Light on Her Feet

Liana Brown, a Mia Maid in the Torrance First Ward, Torrance California Stake, loves to dance. She started at the age of four and has been performing ever since. She enjoys all types of dance and has danced with the Norris Theatre Ballet and the Showstoppers, who perform in various amusement parks and hospitals in California.

Liana was named Outstanding Student as she graduated from middle school. A speech she wrote was chosen to be given on graduation night. Her experience in stake speech festivals, where she has won on the ward level during her Beehive and Mia Maid years, gave her the confidence to deliver the speech.

In addition, Liana received outstanding achievement awards in science, health, homemaking, reading, and citizenship.

Even though dancing and studying are a big part of her life, she has a perfect-attendance record at early-morning seminary. She has served as the first counselor in her Mia Maid class presidency.

Top Girl

Christina Lewis, 13, was named Student of the Year from her school. She is an honor student, was student council president, and editor of the school paper.

Christina was also active in the Pathfinder program. She and her family recently moved to the Cardston Alberta West Stake in Alberta, Canada.

Reaching New Heights

Three young men from the Statesboro Branch, Savannah Georgia Stake, have made an indelible mark on their high school. The three—Alex Johnson, Stephen Weatherford, and Darin Van Tassell—were named among the top 20 students in their graduating class.

Darin Van Tassell was an excellent athlete, lettering in basketball, football, cross-country, and baseball, in which he also won the all-area batting title. He was a superior student and received several college scholarships. He has served in the presidencies of his deacons, teachers, and priests quorums.

Stephen Weatherford was the class valedictorian. He also plays the piano and trombone. He won national awards for his piano performance and for composing music for English hand bells.

He was named as a Georgia Scholar, a statewide honor. He has served in his priesthood quorum presidencies and has been the branch organist.

Alex Johnson won medals in competitive swimming and fencing. In fencing he qualified for the national championship competition and for the Junior Olympics. He enjoys dramatics and was one of the creators of a radio play which won regional and state competitions. He has been a part-time student at Georgia Southern College as he finished his last year of high school. He has also served in the presidencies of his quorums and as an assistant branch clerk.

Setting Records

Records are made to be broken, and Heidi Smith of Ellensburg, Washington, is doing just that. She has broken district track records in both the 3200 meters and in cross-country.

Besides her running, Heidi is active in school. She is on the school newspaper staff and the drill team. In her ward, the Ellensburg Second Ward, she serves as president of her Mia Maid class.

Tribute to Father

Gregory Whittaker of Boise, Idaho, wrote a special tribute to his dad which he read in sacrament meeting. His father was not aware his son was going to speak until he arrived at church that morning.

Gregory graduated from high school with high honors. He was named to Who’s Who among American High School Students, and was national award winner in mathematics from the United States Achievement Academy. He was also an outstanding member of choir and sang with his high school vocal jazz group.

About his father, Gregory wrote in part:

He taught me to love,

All those in need.

He taught me the purpose of


He taught me to pray,

Have faith,

And obey.

He taught me to love

Our Heavenly Father above.

Service and giving

Are what he

Is made of.

And when all is said and done,

I pray to our Father above,

“Dear Father,

Please let me be,

Like my father has been,

Before me.”

Singing Together

The Granger High Madrigals from Salt Lake City reached a rather unique goal. Every one of the young men who participated in the singing group is serving on a mission.

Throughout their year of performing, this group of 21 young men and women grew together spiritually as well as musically. Those who were not attending church became active. They learned to share their testimonies in preparation for serving full-time missions.

As mission calls came to the 11 young men, the group performed at each missionary’s farewell. Several of the young women have since been married, all in the temple. The rest of the young women in the group are active in their wards and continuing their educations.

Scripture Bowl Champs

John Griffin, Philip Wunderlich, and Derk Symons, all of the Sacramento California East Stake, swept the regional seminary scripture bowl competition for the four years the young men were in seminary. The fourth member of their team was David Fisher until he graduated. Then Eric Christofferson took his place.

The seminary scripture bowl matches 75 seminary teams in a competition to determine which team has best mastered the 40 scriptures studied that year in seminary. The four boys would get together prior to the year’s competition and study the designated scriptures and drill each other for the big event. Their victories set a high standard for other seminary students.

John, Philip, and Derk have been close friends since Primary days. They earned the rank of Eagle within a few months of each other. They have all expressed gratitude for starting each day with a positive attitude and for friends at early-morning seminary.

Heads FHA

Wendi Carlson was elected California state president of the Future Homemakers of America. In her position, she travels throughout the state conducting leadership training workshops and serves as a public relations representative.

She has served in the presidencies of her Young Women classes in the Paradise Second Ward, Chico California Stake.

Liana Brown

Christina Lewis

Alex Johnson, Stephen Weatherford, Darin Van Tassell

Heidi Smith

John Griffin, Philip Wunderlich, Derk Symons

Wendi Carlson