Special differences

Upon arriving home the Monday afternoon following the Young Women’s all-Church fireside in November, I found our 14-year-old daughter, Jenette, engrossed in reading the special issue of the New Era. She said, “You know, there are some really good things in here.” Later, as I wished the girls good night, I again found her studying the magazine.

Thanks so much to everyone who played a part in the fireside and the magazine. Their energies and time invested have already made special differences in the lives of Young Women in Willows.

Bishop Weldon B. Papa
Willows, California

A great challenge

I look forward to the New Era every month, but I usually don’t get to read it all. In the December issue I especially enjoyed “And When the Night Came.” In the December Feedback department Kris Knell wrote that it is a great challenge to attend a school with about 35 Mormons. The high school I attend has nearly 2,000 students, and there are only 5 active LDS. We are all members of the Cachill Ward, Belfast Ireland Stake.

It’s hard sometimes to take the hassle about our religion, but we try our best to set a good example. Thank you for the great Mormonad in the December issue. It’s on our kitchen wall.

Louise Adams
Newtownabbey, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Super size

I have just read your December 1985 issue with emphasis on the scriptures. I will use some of the material in the seminary class (early morning—24 people) that I teach. But what I’m really excited about is the wonderful LARGE poster “Are You Getting Your Minimum Daily Requirements?” It is fabulous. I love it and can use it as the center for my entire lesson tomorrow morning.


Donna Jones
Great Falls, Montana

P.S. I have used many of the other Mormonads. They are just great. But the size of this one is super!

Not fiction

I’ve been a member of the Church from age eight. Every once in a while I was able to get my hands on a New Era. Sometimes I’d find a particular issue that would apply to me, and it would help me a great deal. Now I’m serving a mission, and once again I picked up a New Era. In the September 1985 issue the story “A Small Light in the Darkness” by Jack Weyland caught my attention. As I read I realized how much my life resembled Kevin’s.

I spent most of my life not knowing which way to turn, and I fell many times. But thanks to people like Jenny in the story, who let their light shine, I was continually attracted to the light and pulled through. This story is a great example to everyone. We are all tempted and weakened by the desires of mankind, but I know that if we only continue to be a light to the world, soon everyone will be drawn to us and pull through. The story “A Small Light in the Darkness” is not fiction to me. It is the truest part of my life. Thank you.

Charles McCroda
England Manchester Mission


Thank you for Lee Dalton’s story “Blocks” in the March 1986 issue. The story was beautifully and succinctly written, the author’s skill evident, and the time and effort put into the composition obvious.

The story itself was inspired. It perfectly illustrated a principle I’ve long believed: We are not “all created equal.” We each come from different environments with different abilities and handicaps. What we each do have is an equal opportunity (and obligation) to accept where we are and what we have and to make the best of it, improving ourselves and helping those around us.

How beautiful when someone who seems to have so much less, like the little boy in the story, shows the rest of us the courage and determination with which we should face life.

Though I’m 34 years old, stories like this keep me coming back to the New Era for more.

John A. Cloward
Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

Selfless servants

As a convert to the Church, I have a deep appreciation for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also have an appreciation for those members who serve as examples we can all learn from.

Scott and Luke Fausett are indeed selfless servants of Christ. The article on their raising guide dogs for the blind (“Walk beside Me,” March 1968) was a breath of fresh air. Scott and Luke are to be commended for their activities. If only everyone felt about service as they do. They have learned, at such a young age, the eternal value of service. I sincerely hope they continue on their course of selfless service.

To Scott and Luke I just wish to say thank you. You have shown me the lesson of a lifetime. I hope I can follow your worthy example.

Scott L. Gibson
Salt Lake City, Utah

Bulletins from Bakersfield

I am secretary here at the Bakersfield Institute of Religion. I was thrilled when we received our December issue of the New Era and found a Mormonad in poster form. I am responsible for the bulletin board here at the Institute and have often wished for posters of the Mormonads to use for that purpose. Are there any other Mormonad posters available? If so, please let us know how we may purchase them.

We appreciate your many efforts in providing such a fine magazine for our youth. Our students enjoy each issue.

Julie Chambers
Bakersfield, California

Other Mormonad posters will soon be available. Editor