Thanks for cliches

As I was rereading past issues, the article “Harmer Accidents” in the August 1985 New Era hit home as it did on the first reading. It reminded me of the night of my high school graduation in Provo, Utah. The girl who gave the closing prayer used the phrase “Keep us from harm or accidents”; and I, one of the selected graduation speakers and an English major-to-be, remember thinking contemptuously “What a trite cliche.” And then, just a few hours later, I remember thanking the Lord for trite cliches and sincere prayers as the car I was riding in came within inches of a serious, possibly fatal, accident. As it was, all we got were a few scratches on the car and some suddenly wiser, humbler young women. Thanks for articles that remind us of what’s important.

Kathleen Whitworth
Fremont, California

Bubble gum counsel

I wish to compliment you on your fine and timely choice of materials for the March 1986 issue of the New Era. The article entitled “The Bubble Gum Battle” was of particular interest to me. As a bishop of young, single, BYU students, I find that I often explain (or try to explain) to individuals in my ward much of what is included in that article.

I would like to have permission to duplicate the article to give to some of the people I interview.

Bishop Frank J. Wiles
Provo, Utah

Grandpa the clown

I would like to thank you for the story in the June 1986 New Era entitled “I Love You, Clown.” It just hit so close to home because my grandfather, before he died in December, was a clown in the Independence Day parade each year. He dressed up in his clown outfit every chance he had. He was always making people laugh. I really miss him a lot, but I know he will be better off where he’s at.

Kelly Reall
Sunbury, Ohio


I’m a missionary serving in the Samoa Apia Mission, and now that I only have three months before I get released, we (the elders and sisters) would like to thank you for such a fine magazine. Every article brings peace to the mind and offers encouragement. It has helped me many times. My companion and I often talk about the words of wisdom and teachings that we have read in the New Era. It is also a testimony builder to the converts and contacts with whom we share it. Keep the articles, Mormonisms, and music coming. I love them all!

Elder Faira Aii
Samoa Apia Mission

Love those posters

After one of the letters in the April Feedback section you asked us to write if we wanted Mormonad posters. I’m not a teacher, but I still love those posters, and I want to pin them up. But I don’t want to tear up my New Era.

Josie Waterman
Canby, Oregon

The missing Mormonad

I am the Laurel adviser in our ward, and I use a New Era Mormonad each week with my lessons. In fact, I believe I have saved all of them! I love them and so do the girls.

My only regret is that I have found none to use to emphasize temple marriage. May I suggest you consider this subject in your coming selections or decisions on subject matter.

Gae Lynne Hinkley
Rigby, Idaho

A great idea

I think it’s a great idea to have Mormonad posters. That way, we can take them out and use them without wrecking another article. Most people would probably be willing to pay a little extra money if necessary.

I also want to thank you for all the great articles in the New Era. Every month I read it cover to cover. It has become one of my greatest friends.

Rachelle Waite
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Yes in the library!

In response to your query in the April 1986 Feedback about Mormonad posters: YES! We’d be most happy to have them—especially if they’re comparable in price to Distribution Center pictures for the meetinghouse library. If the posters were 11 by 17, we could buy the whole set and dry mount them on 14-by-22-inch railroad board for permanent use. Thanks for a great magazine!

Catherine Hunter
Meetinghouse Librarian
Ft. Worth Texas Stake


As a stake Relief Society leadership trainer, I find the monthly Mormonads indispensable. I would certainly appreciate large copies of these messages to be used for a 60-second leadership training aid. They say one picture is worth a thousand words.

Karen Egger
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Singles need Mormonads

I’m a single parent with four kids—two of them teenagers—one almost 19 and ready to leave on a mission. I know I get more out of the New Era than they do! I’ve used many stories and Mormonads in working with the singles in my region.

Some of us in our 30s and 40s, upon finding ourselves single, need the helps you offer to the teenagers—the motivations, the “finding ourselves”—as much or more than do the “kids.” Please make the Mormonads available in poster size—even business card size with the Articles of Faith on the back! You asked for input. You got it!

Myrna Merriman
Lodi, California

Twelve of your favorite Mormonads are now available from Church Distribution as 14-by-20-inch posters. You can buy the whole set for $6.00. There is an order form on page 51 of the September 1986 New Era. The New Era also welcomes Mormonad ideas from our readers. We pay $25 for each Mormonad we purchase. Editor