An important lesson

I must tell you my appreciation for such a wonderful and uplifting magazine as the New Era. It has helped me out of a jam more than once.

It was September 25th. I got on my bus (which has more than its share of kids). I had to sit apart from all my friends with a girl I hardly knew because the bus was so full.

I was having a terrible day, and sitting with a stranger didn’t help any. In the seat behind me were two jerks who kept bothering me. I ignored them and ran a thought through my mind—“Forgive others as I have forgiven thee”—but it was quickly running thin.

Then I remembered I had the October New Era in my folder. I took it out and started to read “Everyone Belongs” by A. Lynn Scoresby. I forgot about the boys in the seat behind me, and I felt a warm feeling in my heart. Even though the story was sad, I knew that I had received something I needed.

I knew from that point that I belonged and I had friends who loved me. The rest of my day turned out to be good, and I learned an important lesson, one I will never forget.

Jason Zimmerman
Addy, Washington

It’s not fair

I have always enjoyed reading the New Era. It has been a real inspiration to me. I like the Mormonisms. They’re funny. Thank you for publishing “Everyone Belongs” in the October 1987 issue. I know a lot of people who need that message. It seems like there’s always somebody who gets left out, and it’s not fair. We should all be kind to everybody and include everybody so they can feel important and like they really do belong. I have done this, and I know how rewarding it can be. I wish more people would get the message and try it too. It really bothers me when I see somebody being left, especially if that person is being made fun of too.

Why are there so many cruel people in the world? If more people would take time out to be kind to even one person, this world would really change. Thank you again for publishing that inspirational story. I’m glad to be taking the New Era. It really has been an inspiration to me.

Jenny Burke
Orem, Utah

The will to hold on

I’m seeing a counselor for depression. Sometimes it gets so hard to want to keep on living and trying and loving.

I’m only 14 and really thought that there wasn’t much hope, but reading “Hold On” in the May 1987 issue really helped me to know that I do have a chance. Thanks for giving me some hope and the will to hold on.

Ginger Anderson
Salt Lake City, Utah

Juvenile and unbelievable

Our teenagers find the New Era too juvenile and unbelievable. After two issues, I concur.

Charles Larson
Pasadena, California

Our problem

Your October 1987 issue came right on time. I had to give a talk in Young Women in two days, and I hadn’t any ideas about what I was going to talk about. When I saw the New Era sitting on the counter when I got home from school, I picked it up and started looking through it.

In our ward we have a small problem when it comes to making everyone belong. I had been planning on saying something about our problem in my talk on Sunday. The story “Everyone Belongs” was perfect. It was just what I needed. It took care of two things I needed to do at once.

Dawn S. Skidmore
St. George, Utah

A definite impact

I am a recent investigator, soon to be baptized. The New Era had a definite impact on my decision to join the Church.

Judith Farris
Germantown, Tennessee

Grateful to Julie

The other day as I was thumbing through the August edition of the New Era I found the story “Pure Snow and Crystal Tears.” It really caught my attention. As I read this story the Spirit really touched me. I am so grateful to Julie for this story.

I have had a similar problem to the one that the girl had in “Pure Snow and Crystal Tears.” This problem that I have had has been very hard on me, and it has really hurt me spiritually. I am in the process right now of taking care of it. I just want to tell Julie thanks for writing this story because it has been a great example to me and also a great inspiration.

Name withheld

Struggling with her death

I love to read the New Era. I can’t wait for it to arrive each month. But the April 1987 issue came just at the right time.

On March 17, one of the best friends I’ll ever have died. I received the April issue in March, so I thumbed through it on the day after she passed away. I remember seeing the article “When a Friend Dies.” I was emotionally struggling with her death—very much so in fact—when I picked up the New Era and started to read it.

When I had finished, I was so deeply touched that I knew she was all right and that everything was okay.

I want to thank you so much for that article. I don’t know how I could have overcome this crisis without you.

Brooke Wakefield
Taylorsville, Utah

Ways to be friends

I really enjoyed the story “Everyone Belongs” in the October 1987 New Era. I thought this story was very interesting. I liked how the kids in the end became friends with the kids from Swan Valley. I also liked how the students changed the activities and the committees so the Swan Valley kids felt welcome. It helped me to think of ways to be friends with everyone.

Gretl Dixon
Cardiff, Maryland