There are many kinds of smiles, each having a distinct character. Some announce goodness and sweetness, others betray sarcasm, bitterness, and pride; some soften the countenance by their languishing tenderness, others brighten by their spiritual vivacity.
—Johann Kaspar Lavater

Politeness at Home

Although we are often on our best behavior with friends or even strangers, sometimes we let our manners slip while at home among the people we love the most. Showing your family that you love them can start with good manners.

Try this to get things going in the right direction:

• Say “good morning” when you come into the kitchen for breakfast.

• Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.” It will pleasantly surprise your parents.

• Use your best table manners at meals.

• When your mother calls for you, go to her rather than hollering back, “What?”

• Knock before entering someone’s room when the door is closed.

• Respect other family members’ privacy. Resolve not to listen in on another person’s phone call, read anybody else’s mail, look through their personal belongings, borrow anything without asking, or reveal family secrets to outsiders.

If you take the lead and make the effort, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your brothers and sisters are following your example.

Spelling Ace

Eric Wade, a deacon in the Driggs First Ward, Driggs Idaho Stake, has won the right, two years in a row, to participate in the National Spelling Bee. This year he took sixth place nationally. He was defeated by the word circumforaneous. He prepared for the event by studying words from 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day.

When not brushing up on spelling words, Eric enjoys sports. He plays football, basketball, baseball, and participates in wrestling. He has won a local junior championship in racquetball.

Tumbling Champ

Becky Howie, 13, of the Calgary 18th Ward, Calgary Alberta North Stake, is the Canadian National Junior Women’s Power Tumbling Champion. She took first place for Alberta and went on to win at the nationals. She came home with two gold medals. Becky is training for the world competition. She enjoys participating in Mutual activities and is looking forward to taking seminary.

Tickling the Ivories

Darin Dutson of Emmett, Idaho, won the Idaho State Music Teachers piano competition. He also won the Nelson Talent Scholarship for keyboard at Ricks College, where he will attend school.

In addition to piano, Darin plays the violin and was co-concert master in his high school orchestra. He was on the student council and in National Honor Society.

Darin enjoys computers and playing basketball on the ward team. He is an Eagle Scout and is an assistant in the priests quorum of the Emmett Third Ward.

Making Her Mark

Diann Lowe, 13, is the ace pitcher for the Seminole Savages, a softball team for girls age 15 and under. As a rookie, Diann helped the team to a winning season and a tournament championship.

Diann is unique in that she has a profound hearing impairment, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing well in school and in sports. Diann grew up playing baseball with her older brothers. She learned the rules and her skills from them.

Diann also enjoys participating in Mutual and other Church activities. She is a member of the Maitland Ward, Orlando Florida Stake.

State Champ

Wes Burt of Herman, Nebraska, has been wrestling since he was five years old. He took first in state in his weight division and has placed in the state every year since he was ten years old.

Wes has set an example for the other young men in his ward. His younger brother, Tony, took third in the state wrestling meet. Justin and Jason Chisolm and Todd Miles, also members of the ward, have taken honors in wrestling.

Wes is president of his teachers quorum in the Fremont Ward, Omaha Nebraska Stake.

Outstanding Girls

Maria Matthews of the Bountiful 54th Ward, Bountiful Utah Heights Stake, received the state Sterling Scholar award in science. She was valedictorian of her class and has received numerous awards in district and state science fairs. She served as president of the National Honor Society at her high school. She also earned her Young Womanhood Recognition award.

Julie Stuart, also of the Bountiful 54th Ward, served as senior class president in her school. In addition, she was captain of the basketball and volleyball teams and was named as most valuable player in both sports. Julie had served as president of FADD (Fighting Alcoholism and Drugs). She also has earned her Young Womanhood Recognition award.

Reaching the Top

Kevin Warner of the Yorba Linda Third Ward, Placentia California Stake, was named as a member of the Top 40 Club, a group selected by the teachers in his junior high school as the top 40 students based on citizenship, appearance, attitude, and scholastics. He was also named to the California Junior Scholarship Federation.

In addition, Kevin played the trumpet in his school’s marching band and received the award for top instrumental music student for the eighth grade. He was also named the history student of the month and plays on the basketball team.

In church, Kevin has served as deacons quorum president, senior patrol leader, and has earned his Eagle Award.

On Her Toes

Stephanie Brown of the Beatty Branch, West Las Vegas Nevada Stake, is usually out in front no matter what activity she undertakes. She is consistently on the honor roll. She runs the 3,200-meter in track, and as a freshman placed second in the state class-A track meet. She was also the head junior varsity cheerleader and plays the flute. She enjoys doing missionary work by inviting her friends to stake girls’ camp and Young Women conferences.

Devoted Girl

Stephanie Kinderman, 15, of Wilmington, Delaware, has earned an unusual kind of recognition. Her mother, Deborah, writes:

“Three years ago her dad left. We are divorced now. At the time, Stephanie was the oldest of six children and only 12 years old herself. During this last three years, she has cared for her younger brothers and sisters while I have had to be gone to school or work. She has accepted this responsibility without complaint, recognizing the necessity due to our financial situation. Often she has had to sacrifice social events and activities for the welfare of the family. She is very talented at the piano, but her studies were interrupted and her opportunities limited because of our circumstances.

“Stephanie is a beautiful, talented girl and mature beyond her years. She has displayed leadership in her family equal to any organization president. Many of the things that could have come to her in life, she has sacrificed for our family. She will never receive a certificate or award for what she has done, but her achievements are surely equal to any of those who do. She attends seminary, is a member of the Band Front at school, plays Church basketball, and participates in all of her Mutual activities, but above all, her greatest accomplishment is what she has done for her family.”

On Stage

David Baker, a priest in the Laie Fifth Ward, Laie Hawaii Stake, won the national Very Special Arts Henry Fonda Young Playwrights Competition. His play, Inside Al, was chosen over more than 100 written by teens throughout the nation. It was performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., with David watching in the audience.

The Very Special Arts organization was founded to encourage participation in the arts by people with mental or physical handicaps and to foster better understanding of the challenges faced by the handicapped. Inside Al portrays both the outer appearance and inner thoughts and feelings of a person with cerebral palsy. The play was warmly received.

David also has won second place in a short story contest and has had several accepted for publication. In addition to his writing, David has played in his high school marching band, and his tuba solo won the solo award at the Holiday Bowl competition in San Diego. He also plays m the jazz band and in the brass band at the Polynesian Cultural Center. He enjoys drawing and painting, including painting custom designs on sneakers.

David plans to attend BYU—Hawaii Campus and is looking forward to serving a mission like his two older brothers.

Takes Honors

Steven J. Couch of the Norcross Ward, Sandy Springs Georgia Stake, has excelled in academics, sports, and Church activities. He graduated with honors and received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award. He participated in football, basketball, wrestling, and track in addition to working a part-time job.

Steven is particularly proud of the fact that he has had perfect attendance at early-morning seminary for four years. He took top honors at the regional scripture chase. He earned his Eagle Award and has served as president of his priesthood quorums and of seminary.

On Tape

Rachael Schneider of the Paducah Ward, Hopkinsville Kentucky Stake, was featured in a 45-minute video on fashion made by J.C. Penney Company for distribution in the state of Illinois and nationwide.

Rachael is an outstanding athlete. She plays center and forward for her high school basketball team, which was runner-up in the state championship the past two years.

Rachel is an excellent student. She is in the National Honor Society. In her ward, she is very active in the Young Women program.

On the Ball

Jonathan Fell, a teacher in the Sutton Coldfield Ward, Lichfield England Stake, loves sports. Jonathan plays for the junior Birmingham basketball team, the Junior Bullets, and has toured in Europe with the team.

In addition, Jonathan plays rugby, golf, and basketball for his school and helped them win the Sutton Schools League and Birmingham League basketball trophies. Among the nine O-level GCE examinations he hopes to pass are physics and chemistry. He stays in shape by riding his bike to school and church meetings.

Photography by Jed Clark

Becky Howie

Left to right: Joe Davis, Assistant Coach; Diann Lowe; Betty Peters, Assistant Coach; and Roger Richardson, Head Coach.

Maria Matthews; Julie Stuart

Kevin Warner

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Kinderman

Steven J. Couch

Rachael Schneider

Jonathan Fell