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Aug. 1988


The Message:

The Pattern
J. Thomas Fyans 
The 1988 New Era Contest Winners: Sandscapes 
“So Let Him Give”Michael D. Phillips 

Scripture Lifeline:

Crying Ballerina
Shalayne Larsen 
I’ll Follow ChristReed Hainsworth and Rebecca Woodworth Hainsworth 
Water DownL. A. Johnson 
Catching Your Second WindRobert K. Thomas 
Selected Photography, Art, and Poetry: Sandscapes 
LikenessKirsten Christensen 
Musings with a Theology Student on ResurrectionKirsten Christensen 
Oceans of FacesClaris Wright 
GrandpaRachel Eastman 
RejuvenationKara Hutchison 
UntitledClaris Wright 
WhiteKara Hutchison 
FrustrationKara Hutchison 
FacesShelli L. Nethercot 
StrengthTherese Foote 
Just PickedKristina Harris 
Missionary RainSharise Orton 
The Lord’s SupperShawn Dallas Stradley 
PreludeDebra Lyn Menssen 
From Thirty-Thousand FeetPaul Dwigans 
PianoShelli L. Nethercot 
Note by NoteJanet Thomas 
Theater MagicJo-Ann Callahan 
FYI: For Your Information 
The Beauty of Old LaceJanece Marsh 
The First DecemberNani Lii S. Furse 
Praise to the LambRyan Lee Kemp 
ChosenKirsten Christensen