A Way to Help

Students in the early-morning seminary classes in Irvine California used the Old Testament to inspire a service project. When they read the account of Elisha helping Naaman be cured of leprosy, they decided to find out about the disease. They were surprised to discover that between 11 and 15 million people still suffer from leprosy today. They also found out that the World Health Organization has approved a drug that has a 99 percent cure rate for leprosy. The drug treatments cost $150 per person.

The students knew what they wanted to do. They organized a read-a-thon, where sponsors promised to pay them for each book they read in the Old Testament. Their goal was to raise $150 to pay for one child’s treatment. But enthusiasm grew, and at the end of their project they had raised $1,100, enough to provide treatment for seven children.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Crushes are an inevitable part of growing up, but they don’t always turn out the way you’d like them to. When “comforting” words like “There are other fish in the sea,” or “It was only puppy love,” don’t help much, here are some tips for getting over the heartbreak of heartbreak:

  • Ask Heavenly Father for help. You might think he isn’t interested in your trivial romances, but he is interested in your happiness and will help you work out your negative feelings.

  • Keep busy. Don’t give yourself time to sit around and mope. Volunteer for extra assignments at church or school, or get involved in a new project.

  • Forgive. Don’t try making yourself feel better by thinking about what a dog he/she was anyway. Malice will grow and fester. It’s best to forgive and forget.

  • Lean on your friends and family. They’ll be sympathetic and will do what they can to make you smile again. Don’t burden them by making your past relationship the only thing you talk about, though.

  • “Clean house.” Don’t torture yourself by leaving reminders of your lost love in plain view, or by listening to “your song” over and over. Get rid of the things that bring painful memories.

  • Stay sharp. Don’t let yourself go just because you don’t think you’re appreciated any more. Keep in shape. Don’t overeat. Continue studying and working hard.

  • Look on the bright side. The relationship may not have turned out the way you wanted it to, but you probably learned some very valuable lessons.

    Besides, the day you break up may be the second best day of your life. It probably means there’s someone better for you coming up in the future.

Earning Credit

Adam Long, in the Springfield, Massachusetts First Ward, was among a small group of seniors chosen by his high school to participate in a pilot program that allowed them to take a course at the community college during regular school hours. The students received both high school and college credit for this work. Adam chose to take a course in criminal justice, since he is interested in police work.

A talented artist in sculpture, oil painting, and drawing, Adam is also an outstanding athlete on the swim team. He serves as the first assistant in his priests quorum.

A Helping Hand

Nicole Miller used her head and her hands to help a lost deaf girl find her way home. When Nicole spent the night at her friend Amy Moats’s house, Amy taught her some sign language. Nicole caught on to the alphabet quickly. She had no idea she would need to use this new skill very soon. Two days later, on her way home from school, she and another friend found a little girl crying on the corner.

They tried to talk to her, but she didn’t answer and kept pointing at her ears. Nicole realized the girl must be deaf, and she used her hands to ask the girl’s name and where she lived.

Through phone calls and more sign language, Nicole helped her new friend find her way home. School had been let out early on that day, and the little girl tried to walk home instead of waiting for her mother to pick her up as usual.

Nicole is a Beehive in the Wenatchee Second Ward, and Amy is a Beehive in the Leavenworth Branch, both of the Wenatchee Washington Stake.

Record Holders

Several young men of the Brandon Second Ward, Tampa Florida Stake, have helped their school team set a national wrestling record for the most consecutive wins for dual matches.

Adam Perry, Shane Pike, and David Pike, all members of the priests quorum, helped their team win their 176th consecutive match. Adam was also the state wrestling champion this year.

The winning streak lasted 15 years and other members of the ward have also contributed to the record-setting performance. Adam’s older brother was the state champion in 1986 and is currently serving a mission in Lisbon, Portugal. Chris Dennison was the state champion in 1985 and is serving a mission in San Francisco, California.

Building a Tabernacle

Seminary students in the Medicine Hat Alberta First, Second, and Third wards decided to do something special to better understand the Old Testament.

One morning each week, seminary students and leaders devoted time to building a replica of the tabernacle the Israelites built while they were in the wilderness. The students studied the scriptures carefully to make sure their building was accurate, although they built their tabernacle two-thirds the size of the one described in the scriptures. They also built the structures for the inside of the tabernacle described in the Old Testament.

This project served as a great way to learn a little more about the experiences of the Israelites. The students became very involved in reading the Old Testament as they were better able to see what was a so carefully described in the scriptures.

He’s an Achiever

Brett Moore of the Vanderhoof Branch, Canada Vancouver Mission, is an achiever in every aspect of his life. He was the student-body president and the captain of the volleyball and basketball teams at his school. He also took freshman college courses in chemistry, English, and geometry while finishing high school and still managed to stay on the honor roll. In church he served as first assistant in the priests quorum.

Building a Future

Jeff Shields of the Springfield Ward, Annandale Virginia Stake, is building the foundation for a great future.

He was named state champion in the architectural design category at Virginia’s Technology Fair for high school students after previously winning competitions at the local and district levels.

Jeff credits his success in the interviews before panels of professional architects to the experience he has received in Church speaking assignments and Aaronic Priesthood leadership positions.

Jeff also plays on a local rugby team and on the high school track and football teams. Through football Jeff was able to introduce a friend to the gospel and baptize him. Jeff has also served as first assistant in his priests quorum and looks forward to serving a mission.

Sports Stars

Three young men in different parts of the United States were honored for their sports prowess.

Eric Harbison of the Meridian 16th Ward, Meridian Idaho South Stake, was recognized for his outstanding record as a placekicker for his school’s football team. His stats placed him in the top 5 percent of all high school placekickers in the nation.

Patrick Opdahl of the Vancouver Tenth Ward, Vancouver Washington North Stake, was named Athlete of the Week for basketball. He served as team captain of both the varsity football and basketball teams. He is an honor student and a member of the National Honor Society.

Rob Whitten of Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, was chosen Player of the Year by his local newspaper. He was number one in northern Kentucky in football passing yardage and led his team to the regional championship play-offs. He serves as seminary class president and first assistant in his priests quorum. He has earned his Eagle Award and maintains A grades in school.

Talented Musicians

The Wilkins girls, of the Chelmsley Wood Ward, Lichfield England Stake, have music in their veins.

Catherine is taking two music A levels at college, and after reaching Grade VI on the recorder is now working toward her diploma. She belongs to the Atherstone Choral Society, which recently performed with the Royal Engineers Brass Band at the famous Prince Albert Hall in London. She plays the piano and organ for her ward.

Catherine’s sister Sam is also musically talented. She recently passed the Grade IV singing exam and participates with her family in a quartet. They sing folk music and perform at many church functions.

Sam was invited to sing in Handel’s Messiah in Packington Hall, where Handel himself once played the organ. She lived in Wales for a time and while there was chosen to take part in the famous National Eisteddfod, a festival featuring poets, musicians, and singers.

Three Letters

Three high school varsity letters were awarded to three members of the Seamons family in one year. Tami, a senior, was awarded her letter for varsity cheerleading. She is stake youth co-chairman of activities and received her Young Womanhood Recognition.

Joel, a junior, earned his letter playing varsity basketball. He is an honor student who received his Eagle Scout Award when he was 13. He now has two Eagle palms and recently earned his Duty to God Award.

Vikki, a sophomore, received letters for her participation in girls’ varsity volleyball and basketball. She also plays the french horn and piano and served as Mia Maid president.

The three attend early-morning seminary and have sung together many times in their ward, the Farmington Hills Ward, Bloomfield Hills Michigan Stake.

Jr. High President

One of only two LDS students in her school, Sarah Goold, 13, excels in school activities.

She served as the student-body president of her junior high school. She plays the oboe and piano in the school band, is on the high honor roll, and has played the lead role in several citywide plays for youth. Sarah is a Beehive in the Valdez Branch, Wasilla Alaska Stake.

She enjoys downhill and cross-country skiing, soccer, swimming, and hockey.

Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh

Adam Long

Nicole Miller, left, used sign language to help Keisha Stroud find her way home.

Understanding the Old Testament better in Alberta.

Brett Moore

Jeff Shields

Sam, left, and her sister, Catherine Wilkins.

Vikki, Joel, and Tami Seamons in Michigan.

Sarah Goold