The best one

I just started reading the New Era, and I love the stories. The first one I read was the August 1988 issue, and the story “So Let Him Give” was the best one to me. Thank you so very much.

Elizabeth Pitman
Phoenix, Arizona

The warmest feeling

Thank you, thank you for “Answers to Tough Questions” by Chris Crowe in the May 1988 issue. The article described exactly some of the situations I have encountered with nonmember friends. Reading it gave me the encouragement to explain my beliefs to my friends, and now I have a greater respect and the joy of watching a nonmember friend realize the truth of the gospel.

It will soon be the first anniversary of my baptism, and I can truly say it has been the happiest year of my life. Each New Era has brought me not only greater understanding but also the warmest feeling of a worldwide family.

Amanda Harper
Dundee, Scotland

I was wrong

I’m writing this to “Saying no in Utah” and “All alone” in the September 1988 Feedback. I first want to say that both of you are awesome, and I love you.

You see, I lived in California and Arizona until I was 16, and it was easy to say no, and when I did that I gained people’s respect. But at 16 I moved to Utah, thinking what most people think—that it was going to be Zion. I found out real quick that I was wrong. I still said no to my new friends (who were LDS) and got laughed at. I soon found myself with no friends. I was all alone. But after prayer, lots of prayer, I found four more people who were in the same boat. To the person who wrote “All alone,” there are lots of others in Utah like you, so get on your knees and find them.

I’m serving as a missionary now, and I’ve learned that people have the same idea about missionaries as they do about Utah. But now I can say no and keep my friends. The gospel is true.

Elder Darrin Van Valkenburg
California Santa Rosa Mission

Royal army reading

I am a member of the British Army based in West Germany. When I first arrived I found it hard being away from my family and home ward (the Catford Ward in London).

The nearest LDS chapel is 22 kilometers away, and it is only possible for me to attend when a member of the German-speaking ward in Celle can collect me and take me to the chapel. I don’t yet know how to speak German, but every Sunday a member translates for me.

I am grateful for the New Era, as I’ve only been a member for three years. When my brother Philip has finished with each month’s issue, he keeps it until I get home so I can take a stack when I return to Germany.

The New Era always strengthens me when I’m down and helps me keep the Spirit of the Lord close. Thanks for such a great magazine.

Allon William Shaftoe
1st Armoured Field Ambulance
Royal Army Medical Corps

I LOVE it!

I love the New Era. I mean I LOVE it! It is one thing I used to take advantage of when I was 12 and 13, but I just turned 16 a few months ago, and I look forward to every single magazine. Thank you for the Mormonad “Rise above the Blues.” It really made me feel better about being different. I try to keep my standards the highest, but it isn’t easy. And every happy picture and spiritual thought helps a lot.

Beth Brown
Colfax, North Carolina

Make my day

I would like to thank the New Era for being there. Every month I hear exactly what I need to hear to lift my spirits. These years are very hard and confusing, and family problems can compound that confusion. I am struggling to gain a testimony of the gospel and to know that I am a daughter of God and loved. I do know that our Heavenly Father is there for me and that I can pour out the deepest feelings of my heart to him.

The New Era has lifted my spirits and made my day many a time.

Kerry Pate
Garner, North Carolina