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Aug. 1990


The Message:

Stand Up and Be Counted
James E. Faust 
Contest Winners: Worlds without Number 
My MissionKevin Olson 
Strawberries and OctavesJoAnn Braithwaite 
The Priceless Station WagonLana Robison 
Just Fiddlin’ AroundJanet Thomas 
Selected Photography, Art, Poetry: Worlds without Number 
StargazingWilliam Dunford 
VisionKirsten M. Christensen 
The HomefrontWilliam Dunford 
Rain at BreakfastRick L. Adams 
AprilsMary Lynn Bahr 
LilacsKirsten M. Christensen 
Eaglet’s PrayerKirsten M. Christensen 
Twilight CompositionCasualene Richardson 
Empty TombsWilliam Dunford 
The First Good-byeDebra Lyn Menssen 
ExcavationMary Lynn Bahr 
Desert DreamDebra Lyn Menssen 
SenryuWilliam Dunford 
TreasuresLisa Duncan 
For GrandmaKirsten M. Christensen 
Pray the RainWilliam Dunford 
A Lesson in BalletMaria Titze 
Courting the SpiritCarlos E. Asay 
My Little B(r)otherKristi Bangerter 
Drawing ConclusionsZachary Tippetts 
FYI: For Your Information 
Ten Steps to CreativityJack Weyland 
O Zion BlestLane M. Cheney