A moral support

I write to let you know that the New Era is a blessing for me every month. I am the only member of the Church in my family and the articles encourage me to follow the Lord’s teachings even if my family disapproves of the Church.

The article “Chart Your Course by It” (Sept. 1990) really helped me because I am about to receive a patriarchal blessing and I didn’t know if I was ready or not. Thanks to this article I now understand the importance of such a blessing and how it can help me in my life.

Thanks, New Era. You are a great moral support.

Corinne Plazy
Paris, France

An inspiring gift

Last summer I was in Germany with 59 other American teens. I became extremely close with a Mormon girl from Utah. We had very little in common, considering I’m Jewish and from Virginia, but those differences brought us closer.

I was fascinated with her religion, and I asked more and more questions. She was thrilled to find such an interested audience and was eager to share her New Era with me. When I read the June 1990 issue I was so impressed. I’ve never come across a magazine that makes me feel so good about myself.

Even though most parts are Mormon related (and I’m not considering converting), I can appreciate the inspiring, touching articles. To my surprise, my friend gave me a subscription as a gift. Now I know whenever I’m feeling down or just need some good reading I’ll turn to the New Era. You’re a great source of inspiration for non-Mormons, too!

L. R.

Finding the Church in Poland

All I can say is thank you very much. When I got my first issue of the New Era from a friend in America I knew nothing about the Church. But when I read “Something Grand in Grandby” (May 1989) I thought, “Well, there is something great in this church because they are happy when they work for others.” I liked that very much.

Then I read “How I Get Along with My Family” from the same issue. I found a lot of answers.

Now I am ready to be baptized, but I need to wait to turn 18 because my dad is against it. Some other issues of the magazine have helped me find the way to pass the time.

I am so happy to have the true church with real priesthood powers, real friends, and real love between the members. Thank you very much for lifting up my spirit and strengthening my testimony. Thanks for becoming my favorite magazine.

Mirek Proppe
Warsaw, Poland

Beauty and worth

I wanted to write and say that I really enjoyed the article in the September 1990 issue about Miranda’s music box. I really enjoy Brad Wilcox’s work.

This article was a good reminder that my beauty and worth are not dependent on a can of beer, swear word, or the latest fad. What is important is that we all know we are children of our Heavenly Father and are important in his eyes.

Tiffany Schade
Portland, Oregon

The steel to say no

I would like to say I really enjoyed the article “A Plague on the World” in the July 1990 issue of the New Era.

I live in a city where illegal drinking is harder to resist because your peers try to pull you down into the swamp of narcotics or alcohol. It does take steel in your spine to say no. Articles like this give me the courage and strength to do what I feel I should.

Vanessa Corless
Sterling Heights, Michigan