Christmas on the beach

Thank you Margaret Wilding for the article “Christmas Down Under.” I hope that article made people realize Christmas is not always snow and cold. It can be sun, beaches, and fun.

It would be great to see more articles from Australia and New Zealand.

Sarah Leicester
Brisbane, Australia

Stress management

I want to thank you for an awesome magazine. I love to read the inspiring stories, letters, and messages that pack each issue. I am the oldest of seven children and my example is always followed by someone. That would be much more stressful if I didn’t have the encouragement and examples I find each month in the New Era.

Wayne Holcomb, Jr.
Parsons, Tennessee

Hard to rebuild

When the June 1990 issue first came, I read it but didn’t think much of it. Then these past two months my reputation started going downhill because of choices I made. I remembered the article “My Reputation” in that issue and what the author said about it taking a long time to rebuild what took one day to crush.

I’d like to tell others to not give in to peer pressure. You don’t realize how precious your reputation is until it’s damaged.

Marne Southwick
Sugar City, Idaho

Deja vu. Ours is a Malibu!

As I looked through some old New Era magazines I found the article “The Priceless Station Wagon” (August 1990). The story had an effect on me.

My family also owns an old, rusty car. Yours was a Plymouth; ours is a Malibu. I understand how it feels, trying to impress my friends and then being driven to school in an old, ugly car. I felt good knowing that there was someone else who felt the same way I did. After that story I learned to love that dumb car. Thanks for writing that story, Lana. And thanks New Era for putting it in your inspiring magazine.

Amanda Matthews
Salt Lake City, Utah

Why did I run?

I want to thank you for the article “Why Am I Running?” in the January 1991 issue. I am a 27-year-old male who is currently serving a prison term. I am here as a direct result of “running.”

As a teenager I became too concerned about what others thought of me. I began to do things that were not socially acceptable. By the time I was an adult my free agency belonged to those I was constantly trying to impress.

I am trying to return to the gospel, but old habits die hard. Please use your agency wisely. The road back is tough, so stay on the straight and narrow path.

K. T.
Clallam Bay Corrections Center, Washington

From bad to verse

Thank you for the poem back in March 1990 called “A Child of God.” I will never forget the way it touched my life.

I was having a hard time at my new school. The kids swore and did many other things to be accepted. When I got the New Era and read that poem I understood that if I listened to my Heavenly Father he would take care of me. Now the kids accept me for who I am. I love the magazine.

Heather Clark
San Bernadino, California

Vive les Mormonads!

I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine. I love the stories and especially look forward to the Mormonads. Thank you.

Kerry Mealey
Murillo, Ontario, Canada