Answers about dating

This evening I read “Away from the Blinding Dust,” by Elder Ballard (May 1991). I have been searching for answers about dating.

I am 15 and I have never had problems with morality. However, there is a nonmember at my school who likes me. I feel my friends want me to go out with him. He is 16 and very popular. I’d do anything to be 16, but I’ve also decided that keeping my standards high is the best thing to do. High school is a fun time, but it’s only for four years, and I’m planning for eternity. Thanks New Era.

Modesto, California

Sharing the gospel

I would like to extend my appreciation for a wonderful and uplifting publication. No matter how down I seem to get, I always find peace and comfort reading the New Era.

The New Era has paved the way for me to share the gospel with my classmates. Maraming Salamat (thank you).

Sheila Mae Dominquez Periquin
Bacolod City, Philippines

More than Utah

I am a 15-year-old boy. When I first read the magazine I thought it was mainly for kids in Utah and I couldn’t get anything from it.

I now read it from cover to cover and have found it really helpful in my life. I appreciate your being mindful that the Church does exist outside of Salt Lake City.

Nathan Cornish
Omaha, Nebraska

Weighty problems

I really enjoyed the Q&A in the February 1991 issue. I understand about having a problem with weight. I’m suffering with bulimia and the article gave me strength to hold on. Why not have an article on eating disorders? I’m sure it would help many, even me.

Name withheld
Upland, California

For Your Info

I think the New Era’s FYI section is fantastic. You seem to understand that being young and LDS creates a perfect setup for tons of fun. It’s nice to see you are in touch with today’s youth.

Elder Joseph South
South Africa Cape Town Mission

Cartoon is not funny

On your Mormonisms page in the April issue there was a cartoon that perpetuated a very false and negative stereotype. The cartoon depicted a group of small natives dancing around two tall Caucasian “explorers” hoping that the two would join their basketball team.

The cartoon implies that people of color are lost souls and need the white man to come to their rescue to educate and save them. The cartoon fosters a false sense of superiority in whites and a false sense of inferiority in a person of color.

Anthony Dondero
Forest Grove, Oregon

It caught my eye

I wanted to thank Mary Lou Johnson for her article titled “Dad Caught Me” (April 1991). It showed me how important it is to remember that our Heavenly Father is always watching out for us. We all need to realize that our plans can be full of faults. It is comforting to know that our Father in Heaven will be there to “catch us.”

Emily Raymond
Starksboro, Vermont