A Christmas Sampler

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    Take second helpings from twenty glorious years of New Era Christmases.

    Remember that big box of chocolates your father brought home one holiday season? The kind that had darks and lights and fruits and nuts and mysteries wrapped in pink or green or orange foil? Half the fun was guessing what was inside each chocolate, checking each hand-dipped squiggle against the chart inside the lid to figure out which was black walnut, which lemon creme, which caramel.

    In the end it didn’t matter; they were all good. But if the tradition carried over several years, you did establish favorites. You learned which wriggle meant Bavarian mint. You always looked for it first.

    That’s the way we feel about our Christmas favorites. Every December since 1971, the New Era has published holiday stories and ideas, each one delightful in its own way. But over the years, we’ve found some favorites, and for Christmas 1991, we take great joy in sharing excerpts from them with you.