Earth alert!

It is most disconcerting to see a magazine the caliber of the New Era publish a statement which I feel is absolutely wrong. In FYI, July 1991, an article about the environment says, “It’s more difficult to recycle plastic than just about anything else.” Actually, plastics are among the most recyclable of all materials.

For example, foam plastic used to make egg cartons can be recycled over and over again. And the manufacture of foam sandwich containers uses 30 percent less energy and creates 46 percent less air pollution and 43 percent less water pollution than bleached paperboard containers. One university study shows that the production of paper cups uses 12 times more steam and 36 times more electricity, produces three times more air pollution and 580 times more waste water (with 10 to 100 times more contaminants), and uses six times more materials (than foam cups).

Dealing with environmental challenges is not as simple as avoiding one product or material and replacing it with another. The key to success as stewards of the earth is the wise use of all resources. For some things, paper is better. For other applications, plastics are far superior.

Bob Klein
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Editor’s Note: We encourage New Era readers to develop a balanced perspective in regard to environmental issues. There are obviously many sides to the discussion.

We can help

I really enjoyed the FYI in the July 1991 issue. It was good to see something in the New Era about how we can help the earth.

In church we have a lot of information about how we can save ourselves, and it’s nice to have some material on how to save our planet too. Keep up the great work!

Kylie Hargreaves
Weegena, Tasmania

Fights finished

Thanks for a wonderful magazine. At first I thought it would be a boring Church magazine, so I never read it. Then I read an article in the January 1991 issue and have read each new issue cover to cover.

I would also like to thank you for the June 1991 issue on families. After reading it, I now have a good relationship with my mom. Before, we would fight all the time. You really care about the youth in the world.

S. C.
Newhall, California

Same here

I’d like to say thank you to Morgan D. Westerman for the story “It Became Real” (Sept. 91). It reminded me of the time the same thing happened to me. As I was reading the Book of Mormon, I felt as if I were on the boat with Nephi and his family. Then that night, I dreamed I was there while Nephi was being mocked by his brothers. I thought it was a really good article.

Scott Herridge
Portsmouth, England

Hold on!

I often go through troubled times when I feel as if I don’t have a friend in the world. Life has been so bad at times I’ve thought of taking that most precious gift that God gave me. Those are the times that I pick up my New Era and it makes me feel as if I’m not alone. I’d like to say thanks for being there when I need someone or something. You’re a wonderful friend.

Name Withheld
Fontana, California