Like Doves

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    (inspired by Isa. 60:8)

    The cloak from heaven fell,
    and blackness hid the truth from men’s eyes.
    They groped and searched;
    blinded eyes,
    searched the skies
    for the face of deity.
    Who are these
    whose evil deeds
    scarred Earth’s face
    and spilled outwards into darkness?
    The shattered remnants of truth,
    like fading dreams, were lost
    amidst the echoes of demon laughter.
    The pagan rituals screamed blasphemy,
    and men crouched,
    yearning for death’s cold hands
    to cover their faces—
    and Earth groaned
    beneath her tremendous burden.
    God, in mercy, has restored the light,
    though men still grope,
    unable to recognize what they so desperately need.
    And who are these
    that fly as a cloud,
    and like doves to their windows?
    Like Noah’s dove,
    bringing the gladdest of tidings,
    God’s messengers come,
    clutching truth so tightly.
    Pray, oh pray,
    that those to whom they wing their way
    will welcome these doves
    who bring them light.