It’s not worth it

I’m no longer a practicing Mormon, but I can tell you in my heart I know the gospel is true. My mom still sends me your magazine. I read it secretly, loving and cherishing each article. I read your April 1992 Q&A and I had to write. I was 13 years old and I heard the same thing, “If you don’t try a cigarette or a little bit of this drink you will never know what it’s like. Besides if you don’t like it, just don’t do it again.” It doesn’t work that way! I’ve been a smoker now for seven years. One cigarette or one drink may not seem like a very big deal, but one thing usually leads to another. I’m 20 years old, married, raising a five-year-old stepson and a three-year-old daughter. Six years ago I never thought this is where it would lead to. Please let your readers know it’s just not worth it.

Name Withheld
Salt Lake City, Utah

Really relating

I really enjoyed the FYI in the February 1992 issue of the Feedback, New Era, May 1992. I thought it was a terrific idea to give clothes and food to the homeless and to make nightgowns for premature babies. This is the first issue I have seen, but I love and enjoy your magazine. I can really relate to the New Era.

Jennifer Frye
Centerville, Utah

Great examples

I want to thank you for the touching article you published in the August 1991 issue titled “The Last Photograph.” My heart goes out to that family. The father and son in the story are great examples in my life today. I’m thankful I have a family and a Heavenly Father. I’m also thankful I am LDS.

Frances Nelson
Bakersfield, California

Not just another bill

Recently my parents moved across the country. Since I am attending college, I could not go with them. I ended up moving into an apartment by myself. At first it was thrilling to be independent, but I started to become bored and lonely. My daily trip to the mailbox was not helping since I was only faced with an ample amount of new bills. In March of 1991, I received a wonderful surprise. My mother had given me a subscription to the New Era. Thanks for the wonderful articles and spiritual uplift at a time when I needed it most.

Karla Bertram
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Answering questions

I was really impressed and touched by the article “Away from the Blinding Dust” by Elder M. Russell Ballard in the May 1991 issue. It has actually helped me in my daily life as I strive to live up to the standard of the law of chastity. Thanks, New Era. You’re always an answer to my numerous questions.

Ngozi Kalu Oku
Lagos, Nigeria

Planning to find out

When I received the April 1991 issue, I just skimmed through it and set it aside. It wasn’t until a Sunday night that I read it thoroughly. It was weird, but that afternoon at church we had a lesson where we talked about having a testimony and knowing if we actually believe the Church is true. Every story in this issue talked about what I learned. I especially felt the Spirit while reading “How I Know.” I began to question my feelings about the gospel, and now I plan to find out for myself. Thank you for the April 1991 issue and all the other issues.

Yvonne Parra
Las Vegas, Nevada