O Savior, Thou Who Healed the Sick

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    First-Place Hymn


    1. O Savior, thou who healed the sick
    And caused the blind to see;
    O thou who cured the leper’s plague,
    Wilt thou attend to me.
    2. O Savior, thou who tamed the storm
    And walked upon the sea;
    Wilt thou who calmed the waves and winds,
    Please calm the storms in me.
    3. O Savior, thou who taught the wise
    And hushed the Pharisee;
    O thou who sees and knoweth all,
    Lend sight, I pray, to me.
    4. O Savior, thou who with two fish
    And five small loaves of bread
    Provided for a multitude,
    May I by thee be fed.

    Copyright © 1992 by Kaimi Wenger. Used by permission. This music may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church and home use.

    [photo] Photography by Jed Clark

    [illustration] Lettering by James Fedor