Welcome to the British Isles!

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    Don’t be daft! Drive on the left-hand side of the road. If you get hungry, stop at a chippy. Ring me from a phone box when you arrive. Guessed where you are yet?

    If you said England, you might be right. But you could just as well be in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or the Isle of Man. The British Isles are much more than one place with one story. They are a gathering of peoples and cultures stretching over centuries.

    They are also the home of a lot of young Latter-day Saints. In fact, outside North America, the largest New Era audience is in the British Isles. All of the articles, stories, songs, and photos in this special issue are gathered in tribute to that audience. And to help them feel at home, we have retained British spelling and phrasing wherever possible.

    If you’re not from the United Kingdom and Ireland (as the British Isles are also known), you’ll find differences and similarities with your own situation no matter where in the world you live.

    But whether you are British or not, we hope this issue will make you more aware of your membership in a worldwide Church. Most of all, we hope it will help you see that no matter where you live, living the gospel is the only way to be eternally happy. And that’s a message you should find in every New Era!

    Morgan Howells, 16; Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

    Geoard Phoenix, 17; Dublin, Ireland

    David Lowry, 13; Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Linda Forsythe, 14; Airdrie, Scotland

    The teachings of the Saviour are a source of strength for LDS youth throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    Heidi Larsen, 13; Bethany Cary, 13; Thetford, Norfolk, England