My sister, my mission, and me

Thanks for the article “Darrell, His Mission, and Me” in the May 1993 issue. It made me think of my youngest sister and the age difference between us. I feel like the missionary in the article at times. And I know my sister feels like the girl. Thanks for helping me see what I can do for her and for myself.

Elder Joseph Walker
Bangkok Thailand Mission

Getting along

Thanks for the articles about how you can get along better with peers. I talked with my Young Women leaders and my bishop, and slowly but surely the problem began to resolve itself. I used to live in a military ward, and I noticed as we all faced moving time, we started pulling together and actually meaning it when we said we loved each other. Thanks again.

Veronica Jones
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Food for the mind

I’ve only lived in the United States for a short time, and I became a member of the Church around Christmas of 1991. I feel I have to write to tell you how much I appreciate the New Era. I’m grateful for the stories I read. They are all good influences in my life, nutritious foods for my mind. This great magazine helps me live the gospel and become a better person. It strengthens my testimony of the Church and the truthfulness of the gospel.

Anh Kim Nguyen
Garden Grove, California

Hymn and him

Recently my dad asked me to play the piano in priesthood meeting. Reluctantly, I said yes. I had a hymn memorized, so I thought I could play without any serious problems. When I began to play, I realized I couldn’t remember the song. I tried to play the introduction at least four times, but it wouldn’t come. I kept thinking, I can play this at home with my eyes closed. Why can’t I play it now? I decided to skip the introduction and go to the beginning of the hymn. With shaking hands I played the first verse without any problems before I got lost. The priesthood brethren ended up singing the rest of the song a capella. I felt so bad, as I hurried to my seat and buried my head during the prayer. The next day I picked up the July 1993 New Era and read the story “Hymn and Me.” The whole time I was reading the story, I could relate to how she felt. I want to thank you for this article. It really helped me feel better about what happened.

Scott Olsen
Highland, Utah

A change for the better

Thanks a lot for printing the New Era. It has changed my life for the better. My advice to the youth is to spend time on things that will qualify them for eternal life. Read the New Era and see the great change it will have on your life.

Nneka Oboli
Ghana, West Africa

More than a fashion show

When I was reading the August 1993 issue of the New Era, I turned to the article “My Sunday Best.” This was just what I needed. There have been times when I have also told my mom I didn’t have anything to wear to church even though I knew church was more than a fashion show. I now realize the church is a place to go to learn more about Christ and the gospel, and that we need to focus on that and not on how we look.

Shayna Walton
Riverton, Utah