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April 1994

A Very Special Issue: Rejoice in Christ

The Message:

Think on Christ
by President Ezra Taft Benson

How I Know:

Centered on the Savior
by Holly Bosil
A Brother’s Love by Dallas Scholes

In Tune:

Light of the World
Words and music by Stacie Ann Perkins

Scripture Lifeline:

Saved from the Surf
by Thomas J. Eastman
Puzzlement: Jesus’ Last Days by Anne Woodbury Moore
Q&A: Questions and Answers
A Needed Eraser by Casey Sullivan
True Believers by Elder Neal A. Maxwell
Bucket of Troubles by Larry A. Hiller
Closer to Him by Don O. Thorpe
FYI: For Your Info

Everyday Heroes:

“Find Out Who Did It”
by Lisa A. Johnson


Time to Fly
by Charles E. Davis
Judgment Days by Janna Kenison
Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson
Atonement by Michelle Holgate Lord