She did go to camp

I recently had a nonmember friend who wanted to come to camp with me. As camp got closer, I didn’t really want her to come for fear she might not like it. After I read the article “I Wasn’t Alone” (July 1992), I felt a warm feeling in my heart. So I quickly called my friend and gave her all the camp information. She did go to camp with me, and during the testimony meeting at camp, she whispered to me through her tears that she felt a comforting feeling. I told her it was the Holy Ghost. Thanks so much for this article.

Name Withheld
Reno, Nevada

Soaring spirit

“Bright Light of Our Soaring Dreams” (Aug. 1993) is truly one of the most meaningful articles I’ve ever read. It was very personal to me because I am a serious violin student. Unfortunately, the first time I read that article the words didn’t register in my mind. Since then, I’ve been reflecting on my own thoughts about creativity and about the arts. Recently I saw “Bright Light of Our Soaring Dreams” again and I re-read it. This time I felt the ideas in my heart. It was as if I were reading it for the first time. Many of my own thoughts were reflected in the article. I wholeheartedly support Dennis Smith’s views about the arts and what they mean to all people—not just artists. I hope as I continue to re-read this article in the future, I will receive more out of it each time. I thank the New Era for publishing it, and I especially thank the author for writing this wonderful and inspiring article.

Stacey J. Lee
Arlington, Texas

Thanks for the articles

I couldn’t help but feel compassion and love for those people in the December 1993 article “The Joy They Shared.” Having just received my mission call to the Philippines, I’m excited to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Thanks for the many articles that uplift my day.

Laura Zundel
Portland, Oregon

The same feelings

Every month in the New Era I read of how this wonderful magazine helps people, not only with their testimonies and spirituality but also in their self-esteem. I am so grateful for the Feedback section. Many times it has brought me to an understanding that others have the same feelings I do. It’s good to know there are others who may not have the greatest opinions of themselves, who are struggling for their testimonies.

Jena Lenz
Deer Park, Washington

Not totally truthful

I really enjoyed “Driving Lessons” (Nov. 1993), but I think it wasn’t right for her dad to tell her little brother that it was a hit-and-run accident. I think they should have told the little brother what really happened. I really think you should tell the truth always.

Sonia Robertson
Port Hadlock, Washington

Bringing her joy

I want to thank you for publishing the story “They Have Quarterbacks in Heaven” (Oct. 1993). I had a similar experience with one of my friends, and that story brought me joy when I read it. My friend got leukemia in 1989, and she died in 1991. This story brought back memories of my sweet friend. Every time I think of my friend, I think how close she was to Heavenly Father.

Brooke Hunsaker
South Jordan, Utah