Helped her realize

I have been receiving the New Era from the start of 1993 and I am really impressed with it and realize what I have been missing out on. I can really relate to some of the problems people have, and I’m glad that I’m not the only person who has these problems. In the October 1993 issue, I really benefited from Testimony Tips in FYI. It helped me further strengthen my testimony, and made me realize even more that I am a child of God.

Anthony George
Deer Park, Victoria


Thanks for a great magazine. I am 15 years old and I enjoy the Mormonads and the Mormonisms, the illustrations, and the uplifting stories. I like reading about the experiences others have, and I find the Questions and Answers segment interesting to read.

Sonya Forster
Mt. Isa, Queensland

Helps and lifts

When I feel down in the dumps, I go to the New Era and read it. It helps me, it lifts me, and gives me a good feeling because it is not like any of the other magazines around. It’s wholesome reading material.

Cindy Swann
Rockhampton, Queensland

Motivation down under

Thanks for an uplifting and wholesome magazine. Recently I had the opportunity to see the Lord’s hand in helping me to make a right decision. At the beginning of the week, I quit the school musical because of the language used. At the end of the week, the director came to me and invited me back, as all offensive language had been changed. I had read about this happening often, especially in the New Era. But I didn’t feel it would happen to me. I am a keen reader of the magazine and I know it just keeps on getting better. Whenever I am down, I reach under my bed in the overflowing box of New Eras. Thanks for the motivation.

Sariah Wesener
Logan City, Queensland

Fun and interesting

I think the New Era is a great magazine. It’s a really fun and interesting book to read, and I look forward to each issue. The New Era is not only fun to read, but it has also helped me gain a stronger testimony of our Savior and his church.

Naomi Klemasz
Kidman Park, South Australia

An expectation raiser

My 37 deaf students at Runcorn High School very much enjoy reading the articles about deaf youth published in the New Era. I display those stories on the notice board to inspire the students to greater efforts and to raise their expectations of themselves.

Kendall E. Davie
Sunnybank, Queensland

The spiritual boost

I would like to thank you so much for the New Era and for the fiction story “The Different One” (Feb. 1994). I have been in the same position as Jeff Daniels, and that story gave me the boost and help that I needed. I would like to recommend it to any young man or young woman in need of comfort, help, or just a spiritual boost.

Jamie Tarr
Burpengary, Queensland