Same inspiration all over again

I will be forever grateful to you for printing the April 1994 issue. All the stories, lessons, and articles came at the perfect time. They really taught me the joy and sweetness of repentance. And it’s not just April’s issue I’m thankful for. Every single New Era helps me become more in tune with the Spirit. I don’t know how I could live without it. Sometimes I read an entire New Era in a single day. When that happens I then go and reread one of the 15 or 20 old magazines I’ve saved. Then I get the same inspiration all over again. Keep on printing such a marvelous magazine.

Misi Mann
San Marcos, California

Who’ll get it first?

I can’t thank you enough for printing the New Era. My three brothers and I are always trying to get at it first. The oldest one waits anxiously for days for the New Era to arrive, and he always manages to get it before the rest of us. Because of this, I read more of the older issues instead of the more recent magazines. But that’s okay with me. Every New Era I’ve ever read has been fantastic.

Tanya Platt
Fernley, Nevada

Beginning the day right

Thank you so much for all your wonderful articles. At our high school we have a time in the morning where we read every day. I started to read the New Era, and it has helped me put my views where they need to be.

Amy Lewis
Ramah, New Mexico

Feels like she’s growing away

Thank you for the articles in the New Era. I’ve recently been having a hard time both at church and at school. The people at school who I thought were my friends are constantly making fun of me. At church, it’s a number of things. But mainly the young women of the ward always act like I don’t exist. Because of this, I feel like I’m growing away from the Church. One of the only things keeping me near the Church is the New Era. Thank you.

Name Withheld

A constant companion

I am the only member of the Church in my family, and it’s hard being a Mormon in a very Buddhist country. I want to stay strong in the gospel, and I know I can endure much as long as I have friends of the same faith. The New Era has been my constant companion through my one year of membership in the Church. Whenever I read stories about people my age, I am uplifted. I want to tell you how much I pray for teenagers of the Church to stay strong. Through reading the magazine I always cry knowing that I am not alone standing firm in what I believe.

Sutthinan Pangsab
Bangkok, Thailand

Becoming a true believer

Thanks for the article “True Believers” (Apr. 1994). It helped me to understand what a true believer is. I especially liked where it said, “True believers are willing to do what Christ wants.” I know I need to work a lot harder to be a true believer in Christ. Thanks for that issue’s articles. All of them helped me become a better person.

Jodee Nelson
Kearns, Utah