Remember This Place

by Crystal Thomas

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    The cave was dark and cold—not the kind of place where you want to spend eternity.

    The thing I noticed immediately as we entered the ice cave was how cold it was. And the farther we went in the cave, the darker and spookier it got. Surprisingly, despite the darkness and gloom of the cave, the time I spent there during a girls’ camp hike gave me a chance to think about the direction my life was taking. And I decided there were some things I wanted to change.

    We soon reached an area where we had to climb over boulders to reach our destination. I thought about how those boulders are like my own personal obstacles. I found myself asking if I climbed confidently and carefully over each one, or if I struggled to get to the other side.

    Lagging behind, I looked up and saw the lights of the girls in front of me, moving forward almost as if the rocks weren’t there. It seemed their faith was so strong that I felt a new burst of strength that carried me on.

    When we reached the end of the cave, one of the leaders had us turn our flashlights off. When all was dark, it struck me that this cave might be like the place where Satan lives—cold and dark. I decided right then and there that I would set new goals to return to my Father in Heaven and live with my family for all eternity.

    The lights came back on and we all headed out. Toward the beginning of the cave there was a hand-painted sign that read, “Remember This Place.” I thought to myself, I will remember this place and how it helped me want to do what’s right.

    Illustrated by Steve Kropp