Can you do more?

I was wondering if you could do more articles about different countries other than the U.S. I saw the magazine that was all about the British Isles (Nov. 1992), and I loved the one that was all about Australia (Oct. 1994). It’s interesting to know what the countries look like and to learn about their cultures. Also, it would be a great idea to do an article about handicapped youth, to find out how they cope and live with it, and how they overcome their troubles. I enjoy reading the New Era.

Miriam Hoesli
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Now hear this

I loved your article on the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind (Jan. 1995). When I was in middle school, a class of mine learned some sign language and then we visited ISDB. It was a great experience to communicate with the deaf kids there and try to understand one another. I learned they are just like us, despite their disability. Thanks for your great, inspiring stories.

Merissa Wilson
Alta, Wyoming

At the perfect time

I can’t thank you enough for printing the January 1995 New Era. All of the stories and articles have helped me gain the strength I’ve needed in my life, especially in my first year of seminary. I now know how important and useful seminary can be to prepare us for the mission field and in our daily lives. Your articles have always seemed to hit me at the perfect time. Thank you. Keep on printing such an uplifting magazine.

Elise Wery
Orem, Utah

Ideas helped

I was recently reading the FYI section in the December 1994 issue. I got many ideas for Christmas gifts, and I am really very grateful you included them in this issue. My friends enjoyed the lunches I made them, and I gave my mother a framed picture of the Manti (Utah) Temple. I also made a set of scripture cards for my seminary teacher. I thank you so very much for your wonderful ideas. Because of your ideas, I was able to bless other people’s lives. Thanks again.

Stephanie H. Heath
El Cajon, California

Don’t stop

For a long time I’ve wanted to write to the New Era because your work is so great. I love to read the magazine, and I’m very thankful for the numerous uplifting stories. I love to read the experiences in the How I Know section, stories that help me handle my daily problems. Please never stop printing the magazine. When I get married, I want my own children to grow in the gospel with the help of this magazine too.

Tabea Lipp
Linz, Austria

Hope it continues

I have really enjoyed reading the New Era. I enjoy hearing about others who are about my age and what they are doing in the Church. I also enjoyed the stories and have learned a lot from the numerous articles I have read. The article “Chairing Time” (July 1994) is a good example of youth working together. It shows a great amount of service being performed. I’ve been a Church member all my life, and it’s nice to know that others like doing service too. I’m very thankful for this magazine. I hope it continues to be as great as it is now.

Trisha Grimmer
Yelm, Washington